Water dirty

Water dirty

A dream about dirty water warns you of emotional and financial difficulties.

You should think rationally. The meaning of the dream is that you are full of negative emotions. You should clear your mind and relax before making any decisions.


Dream meaning dirty water

Standing dirty water

The meaning of the dream of dirty water is that you are not progressing, you have stopped and cannot move forward. There may be difficulties that you find difficult to assess and overcome. The dreamer advises you to concentrate and think positively, and a solution will be within reach.

Troubled (foaming) dirty water

The meaning of this dream is that you should avoid unnecessary discussions. A tendency to argue can leave you at a loss. You may lose a friend or partner as a result of arguments.

Cloudy water

Cloudy water in a dream means difficulties. However, the dreamer assures you that you will be able to overcome them.

Another meaning is that you will lose control of your emotions in difficult situations.

Contaminated water

This dream is a symbol of exhaustion. This may be caused by a family or financial situation. If you do not deal with the problems immediately, the dream predicts that you will not be able to rebuild damaged relationships.

Dirty water in a river or lake

The dream represents stagnation or failure. Think about your actions or the situation you are in. Find a solution as soon as possible to get on the right track. Your friends will help you.


To bathe, to swim in dirty water

The meaning of the dream is to warn against false friends. The dream also draws attention to your private life. You should take care of your loved ones, for there is a danger that your family will break up. Consider whether you have recently neglected your loved ones, moved away from them or stopped taking an interest in their problems and feelings.

Drinking dirty water

The Dreamer suggests that you think about who you hang out with, work with and spend time with. You may be paying too much attention to what others say, what they need. If they are also working against you, clipping your wings, you should end these relationships.

Clean water becomes dirty water

If clean water turns into dirty water in your dream, it means that you need to pay attention to your behaviour. Are you really the kind of person you show yourself to be? Perhaps it happens without your will, this is how you react to people or problems. Think about how you are perceived by others.

Meaning of dream: Dirty water

  • Standing dirty water – you are not flourishing
  • Agitated (foamy) dirty water – avoid unnecessary discussions
  • Cloudy water – you can overcome difficulties
  • Dirty water – you are tired
  • Dirty water in a river, lake – move forward as quickly as possible
  • Bathing, swimming in dirty water – beware of false friends
  • Drinking dirty water – concentrate more on yourself
  • Clean water becomes dirty water – watch your behaviour
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