Water clear

Water clear

Clear water in a dream represents peace, joy, harmony, situations and details of life that need attention. It also refers to emotions. It can also indicate a state of mental balance.

Dream meaning of clear water

Crystal clear water

Crystal clear water in a dream means good health and peace of mind. Especially if you have been through difficult times, the dream is a sign that comfort and rest are coming. Make good use of these moments. Relax and enjoy what you have.


Clear water

If you saw clear water in your dream, it is a sign of prosperity and benefits for you. It is good to invest and sign new contracts during this time. However, you must not do anything in the dark. Be guided by knowledge, but also by your own intuition.

Standing clear water

A dream in which you see clear water, for example in a bowl or a lake, could mean that positive changes are taking place in your life. You may be regaining your strength, your health, changing your behaviour, cleansing your mind and body. The dreamer may also speak of pleasant surprises, either financial or emotional.

Clear water flowing

If clear water is flowing, e.g. down a river, it is a sign that you will enjoy peace of mind, you will be successful, you will benefit in various areas of life. The meaning of the dream is that you will find a suitable partner or a loyal friend. You may experience something fascinating that you have not known before. The dream assures you that you will be surrounded by good people.

The dream also means kindness and good intentions.

Bathing in clear water

Bathing in clean water in a dream is a symbol of purification. The meaning of the dream can be interpreted as a sign of cleansing from suspicion, but also of cleansing your thoughts, driving away bad feelings and stopping negative actions, such as harming someone. The dreamer also speaks of the need to take care of oneself, both physically and mentally.

Seeing oneself in clear water (reflection in water)

If you saw your own reflection in the water in your dream, it means that you are being selfish or focusing too much on yourself. You may be experiencing too much and forgetting the feelings of others. You may have a tendency to exaggerate your feelings or experiences. Think about your attitude.


Meaning of dream: Clear water

  • Crystal clear water – serenity, rest is coming.
  • Clear water – expect benefits, act with your head
  • Standing clear water – positive changes in your life
  • Flowing clear water – you will be successful
  • Bathing in clear water – you will cleanse yourself of the bad
  • Looking through clear water (reflection in water) – you are focusing too much on yourself.
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