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In general:

A pair of twins can stand in the dream for himself, provided that one knows it personally. If not, it represents two different sides of a thought or an idea. Twins warn about a serious mistake or a mistake, – what this refers to, arises from the quite concrete living conditions.



If twins step in the vision, one cannot decide in the awake life so surely, always sees both sides of a matter and does not know to which side one should incline. Who gets twins in the dream, dances in the awake life maybe on two weddings – an underpinned which exceeds the forces of most people. Hence, twins in the dream can show two contradicting and, nevertheless, also with each other harmonising sides of the human personality.


Dualität must reunite finally to a unity. Twins arise from the thought that one can reach in spite of at the moment available conflict to unity.



  • see: one will stand before a difficult decision which will have lasting results, – also: rich harvest in every area, – also: you must make your choice in a matter,
  • agree: big family party,
  • speak: you are unstable.

(European ones).:

  • premeaning of a childless marriage, – the professional state is protected and one enjoys confidence and love in the family,
  • see: there will be a fatal mistake, – also: two good possibilities will arise in a matter,
  • ailing ones: it expect to a disappointment and worries.


  • see: you will find rich family luck,
  • agree: big family festivity.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Twins

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