dream trafficAssociation: – (Vehicles) chaotic strength or movement. – (conjugal traffic) Let go union, – – desire, – creation. – (illegitimate traffic) unauthorised union. Question: – (Vehicles) What keeps me from going where I must go or want? – (conjugal traffic) With which would like to become I one, or where am I afraid of it? – (I lack illegitimate traffic) What in my respect with myself?


With this symbol the internal and external movement of the dreamer is demanded. With visions of the traffic the meaning sexual traffic also always resonates. Means of transportation points in the dream to conversions located in the way and strong demands which are made to us.




  • see: you will gather with many people,
  • city traffic: moderate your activity. (45, – 71, – 83, – 97)

(European ones).:

  • means of transportation sees: Conversions already are going and big demands are made in one,
  • see city traffic: now one should avoid every hectic rush and every stress.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Traffic

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