dream toysAssociation: – childish play, – practise from everyday duties. Question: – In which manner am I ready to admit more playful ease in my life?

In general:

If in the dream toys seem, the dreaming conducts himself with it the children of his sphere in the consciousness or the childish in himself. Toys place special emphasis on the creative one as well as on the playful, innocent side of the person.



If a person dreams of toys, this is mostly a picture for her own unripeness, childishness or the lack of firm will. She is not probably ready in the reality to take over responsibility. However, the dreaming must pay attention to it which kind of toys it concerns in his dream, because often gives this explanation about the new ideas which go for him by the head or about new approaches in dealing with other people. The dreaming possibly needs more playful contact to be able to amuse able to recover better and to be able to amuse. If one sees in the dream a lot of toys lying around, indicates with older people in the past and the wish be as young once again as to be former absolutely understandably appears. Who deals with toys, would like to live lighthearted like a child the day. Whether to him this succeeds other symbols will reveal.


Toys in the dream draw the attention of the dreaming to his property to take in hand the creation of his life. As well as a child builds up own small world with the help of his toys, this is also possible to the dreaming.



  • see or own: your manner will make you ridiculous.

(European ones).:

  • see: if is a warning not to go away from the children, because it threatens them danger, – also: points out to the fact that your family will be very clever and successful, – also: one takes more time for the family, because one has neglected them lately very much,
  • shop: childish pranks,
  • see the new: forecasts family joys,
  • give away: Joy cause,
  • give away: one will be ignored by his friends socially,
  • the broken: Death will fulfil the heart with grief,
  • children with it see playing: it approaches one a happy marriage.


    many children will get

  • you.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Toys

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