Association: – Weakness, – fragility. Question: – What is I to be strengthened ready?


A thread in the dream shows a certain line of thought or interrogative chain of the dreaming. Concerning his everyday life he must pursue this line or chain possibly up to the end. Thread can stand as a leitmotiv (red thread) of own life which is determined by ideals, hopes, settings, plans and sighting, – then the interpretation is possible only individually. Nervous weakness states and states of exhaustion often also appear in it which lose to irritability, restlessness, impatience (patience thread) and concentration lack (thread) lead, – then one must pay attention to more relaxation and rest to avoid illnesses. The threading of a needle stands obviously in a sexual connection. Who does not want to manage the threading so surely, that hardly creates it in the awake life presently to hold his nerves under control by which a possible success can be turned in the opposite. The interpersonal relations often hang on a thread if they are put on a pull test. In this connection the colour of the thread is especially important. If the thread is got caught, this is a tip to a problem which needs a solution. A thread reel embodies a regular life, – also here the colour of the thread can be vital. A basket of full thread reels symbolises the different sides of the female personality of the woman.



At the spiritual level the thread can stand for the way to the Ganzheitlichkeit or enlightenment.



  • hold: you have the right idea, she brings success,
  • move: Friends and Gönner come to you. Success.
  • roll up: your matters shall not be done quickly, you need patience, – also: a happy event approaches, – you bring yours in security, no loss,
  • unwind: a secret will be ventilated, – also: big trouble approaches,
  • see a confused one: one should be careful in business interests,
  • confuse: is careful in your appearance, you get stuck usually easily,
  • disentangle: bad unsafe times, but you will come through healthy,
  • tear: you destroy your connections,
  • black: quick oncoming evil,
  • white: one will step in connection with many people,
  • more red: Luck in the love.

(European ones).:

  • often sign for nervous irritations if the thread is very long,
  • see: something from which one hoped it would fast pass, will stretch very much in the length,
  • roll up: To protect probably reminder, his secrets, – one will still need a lot of patience, until one can realise his aims,
  • roll up to a ball: if a failing registers,
  • unwind: Success, – one will uncover a secret,
  • move by a bottleneck: Quarrel,
  • a black thread: it approach incommodities and annoyance,
  • a white thread: one will step with some people soon in closer contact,
  • a red thread: something in the life recurs constantly, one should uncover this repetition compulsion,
  • see a long thread: hope is deceptive, – everything stretches in the length,
  • with a black one sew a white dress: if means evil,
  • with red silk one sew: meant engagement or in general luck in the love.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Thread

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