A dream about a table means better days in the professional sphere as well as social advancement. It can also mean some changes in your family life.

Pay attention to the opportunities that arise, because with them you can improve the quality of your life. Resolve all conflicts and disputes, because as long as they persist, you will not get any improvements.


Dream Meaning About Table

A large table

The dream shows that good news will come from your work. Even if this success is something deserved, try to take care of those who were close to you, beware of jealous people. If you have been looking for a job, you have the opportunity to take it. It will be a position that will give you great satisfaction.

Long table

The dream indicates that your career is not where it should be. This is probably because you are investing energy in activities that do little, or perhaps you are pretending to be something else. Define your needs and abilities clearly and act in a specific direction.

Empty table

A dream of an empty table speaks of lack and loss. The dream foretells that there will be some changes among those close to you, perhaps someone will leave, someone will move away from you.
The dream also indicates feelings of sadness and longing.

Setting the table

The dream is a sign of gain. These profits may come from investments, if you have not been involved in investments, you may start to act in this area.

Another meaning of this dream is prosperity. A dream of a table full of food is synonymous with joy, abundance, and material and emotional happiness. However, if the food is spoiled, it is a sign that you will suffer losses, especially financial losses. Therefore, you must pay attention to your spending. If exotic dishes appear on the table, the dream means that unexpected love will appear in your life.

Broken table (broken)

According to the dreamer, you will receive an unpleasant message. Probably this dream is associated with fights and quarrels. A broken table in a dream can also mean problems in a relationship.


Inverted table

A dream about an upside-down table indicates disobedience on the part of employees or children. The meaning of the dream indicates a difficult situation that you must deal with. You must approach it in a thoughtful way.

Kitchen table

A dream about a kitchen table foretells hard work, but you will get a good reward for your efforts. It’s worth the effort and the work.

Dining table

A dream about a dining table is a sign of social advancement. Making new business contacts and entering a new job market can take you to a new level in life. Invest in new contacts and build important relationships. Make an effort to develop them.

Library table (in a library)

A dream about a library table signifies the opening of ways to acquire or deepen your knowledge.
If you focus on your studies, you will have a bright future. Use this dream as an impetus to gain knowledge and grow to follow your ideals.

Desk (work table)

The meaning of the dream of a desk is that you will get an improvement in your professional situation. The dedication and effort you put into your work will eventually be appreciated.

Wooden table

To see a wooden table in your dream is a sign that you will meet a very interesting person who will bring a lot into your life. You will experience strong emotions. Do not be afraid to express yourself. This person will contribute to the sharing of positive energy and mutual growth.

The dream also speaks of peace and prosperity.

If the wooden table is broken in your dream, it is a sign that there will be conflicts in the family and among friends.


Glass table

A glass table in a dream represents the end of one cycle so that another can begin. Something will end abruptly, but don’t worry. New opportunities and challenges lie ahead.

Setting a table

This dream indicates that prosperity and good fortune are coming. The more dishes and settings on the table, the more good things are ahead of you.

Sitting at a table

This dream symbolizes happy relationships. It indicates that the relationships in your family are strong. You can count on your loved ones and friends.

Clearing the table

The meaning of the dream is that you need to “clean up” your affairs, put everything in order, get rid of what is wrong or unnecessary in your life.

Another meaning of the dream speaks of difficulties or deterioration of the financial situation.


A dream about a clean tablecloth refers to positive events in business and love. You will experience moments of happiness, especially if you are going through difficult times.

If you saw a dirty or torn tablecloth in your dream, it means that some problems will complicate your professional affairs. Do not worry, however, because they will pass quickly.
Buying a tablecloth foretells a life of prosperity.

Dream meaning: table

  • Large table – good news will come about work
  • Long table – determine your needs and act in a certain direction
  • Empty table – changes are coming in the circle of people closest to you
  • Full table – expect profits
  • Broken table – you will be in conflict with someone
  • Overturned table – your subordinates will be disobedient
  • Kitchen table – you will be rewarded for your work
  • Dining table – you will benefit from new contacts
  • Library table (in the library) – concentrate on your studies
  • Desk (work table) – you will get an improvement in your professional situation
  • Wooden table – you will meet a very interesting person
  • Glass table – ends some cycle in your life
  • Set a table – prosperity and happiness will come to you
  • Sitting at the table – you can count on your relatives and friends
  • Clearing the table – you need to “clean up” your affairs, rearrange them
  • Tablecloth – you will experience moments of happiness

Mystic dream meaning – table

This symbol can mean that when you wake up you will try to bring order into your life and for this purpose you will subject it to a thorough analysis.


The meaning of the dream table

If you see a table in your dream, it foretells that you will lead a lively social life in the near future.

If you set a table in your dream, it is a sign that when you wake up you will try to organize your life against all odds.

A beautifully set table in your dream foretells that you are about to attend a celebration or party and will have a great time.

If you dream that you are sitting at an empty table, it foretells that you will attend a boring party.

If you dream that you are sitting at a table with other people, it means that you hate hypocrisy in real life.

A clean tablecloth on the table will bring you luck in family and domestic affairs.

A table set with a dirty napkin foretells that you will lose or damage your household goods, or that you will not be able to make a home for yourself for a long time.

The napkins on the table mean that you are perfectly capable of doing household chores.


If you dream that you are writing on the table, it is a sign that people will look at you when you wake up.

If you are cleaning the table, it means that an obstacle will appear on your path to happiness.

If you dream that you are having sex on the table, it is a signal from your subconscious to fight the monotony of your life and try to introduce some fantasy into it.

dream tableAssociation: – Place of the activity. Question: – What is I to be checked or do act ready?

In general:

A table is a piece of furniture with social or professional functions and symbolises decision-making power in the dream. It is a place of the family meetings, and for the dreaming the together taken meals are maybe an important ritual. Also the conference table in the professional life has a ritual element. Dining table can symbolise the wish for happy society. In general he stands for the external life, for example, the work. If he is nicely covered, speaks for luck and success, otherwise for failures and grief.


A covered board already meant for the old Egyptians that guests will appear whom one should well entertain, then the table would be empty, they would be bored. After today’s interpretation is the life energy dished up to us which allows to process to us mental like spiritual. Who clears a table in the dream, probably does not hold a lot from the whole ‘soul junk’, it is in the awake life a realist who would like to make ‘a clear sweep’. The medieval interpretation is also to be taken seriously absolutely that one good household leads which puts on a pure white table cover in the dream, however, a dirty cloth proves the opposite.


At this level a table can stand in the dream for a spiritual court and symbolise spiritual laws.



  • sit in it: happy living conditions, – glad society,
  • cover: you will reach to prosperity, – you have a comfortable home,
  • cover: a profit,
  • escapes you

  • to covered ones see: you will get guests, – prosperity,
  • empty: Lack, – loneliness, – you should try to provide more for house and family,
  • desk: one would like to reach in the life still a lot,
  • conference table: indicates at difficulties in the professional life.

(European ones).:

  • life symbol, – one sits before his life and sees what stands on it,
  • with people: if a sociability tells in, – besides, one will have a good time with nicely covered table well, besides, with uncovered table bore,
  • see cover or covering: take part in a big festivity, – also: if happy connections and positive circumstances,
  • promise

  • see a full one: now one can enjoy domestic luck and future prosperity,
  • of one eat without tablecloth: freely and independently decide, – money or the behaviour has more different for one no meaning,
  • clear: Joy will soon give way worries and indifference,
  • see an empty one: if means poverty or quarrel, – one should worry in future increasingly for house and family,
  • sit with good entertainment in one: Joy,
  • other see sitting in one: very favorable omen,
  • a self-moving table: one is struck by discontent and wants to change something,
  • a broken table: if a sign is for dwindling luck,
  • somebody on the table sits or stands, is called this that he wants to move his wishes with unfair means,
  • hear beating somebody on the table: one will change his setting towards friends and endanger himself, – one will also lose the respect of friends and relatives.


  • cover: Jollity.
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