dream swallowSwallow symbolises the longing for domestic luck, – one can expect it above all when the swallows flutter in the house. If one believes old legends, the dream of a swallow means that big misfortune threatens, even the death of a young person. Other old interpretations against the fact say that these birds predict only evil if they change in the dream. Otherwise they are of good meaning for everything what deals with work.


Who sees building swallows a nest, wants to change to become happier in the new area of life. This possibly promises to an unmarried that he has found a partner or will find with which he can found a household. Here is reminded of the ancient wisdom that a swallow’s pair which nests with us brings luck in the house.



The songbirds who twitter delightfully, like the swallow, the nightingale the wren and similar, call belletrists, musicians and people with voice full of sound. One says, this bird means the death of young people, distant grief and big misery, – the legend tells because that the bird has originated as a result of these sufferings. (Tereus, the king from Thrace, was married with Prokne, the daughter of the king Pandion by Athens. A son, Itys bore her to him. Unfortunately fell in love Tereus with her sister Philomela, after he had heard her voice, – he fetched them from Athens and violated them on the way. So that she betrays nothing, her Tereus cut off the tongue and hid Philomela in the wood. But anyhow this knows how to come to an agreement with Prokne, while it betrays this her Widerfahrene by one of her knitted fabric. Both sisters unite to bloody revenge in Tereus and move forward to him the meat of the killed boy Itys. Tereus pursues the sisters and wants to kill them, – there everybody is transformed three into birds, Tereus in the Widehopf, Prokne in the nightingale, Philomela in the swallow.) Now Alexander von Myndos and Dionysios of Helipolis represent the point of view, one must give to these stories to faith. Even if such is invented, they argue, the soul would put on grounds of the image that her contents of the reality correspond to us this before eyes if she wants to forecast future, content events. With most stories is this explanation as I have ascertained, appropriately, by no means, however, with all. Because I have made to myself the principle to be guided, in any case, not towards the Scheinbarkeit of the assertion, but from the experience which results from the dream fulfilments. Now thus I also explained with regard to the swallow that she is not from bad premeaning, (in the antiquity the appearance of the swallow soon becomes as a good, interpreted soon as a bad portent. The image of the soul bird is decisive for the misfortune-bringing premeaning of the swallow. The swallow like nightingale often meet on tombs, particularly of their late children. The swallow appears dead person’s bird still in the modern Greek national faith. The root for the good premeaning of the swallow shall probably be searched in her aphrodisischen meaning. After the Byzantine lexicographer Suidas chilli Don (swallow) also calls the female gender limb, – chelidonion (little swallow) is a Hetärenname.) except, it happens to her something awful or she changes her colour in such which is against her nature. Since her twitter is no elegy, but a song which signal and request is to go to the work. The fact that this is true, one can recognise from the following. In winter flies neither the swallow nor twitters them, and also the country and sea lie fallow in this season, and the people and all the other living beings creep away and sleep. Seam, however, the spring, so it is there as first again and teaches, so to speak, what everybody deals. And if she appears, she never sings in the evening, but early in the morning with sunrise, and reminds everybody which she finds asleep of her day’s work. Consequently she is from good premeaning in view of works, enterprises and the music, in quite special manner, however, with regard to a marriage, – she prophesies to the dreaming a loyal and haushälterische wife and mostly that latter a Greek and a musically gifted person is. The nightingale means the same like the swallow, only in lower measure, – then she is less trusting.


The swallow was in the antique light symbol, in the late Middle Ages a symbol of the resurrection.



  • see: pleasing portents in dear things, – a beloved person find again to whom one had no more contact already longer time, – have luck in new enterprises,
  • see flying: good news,
  • hear singing: be of happy and good things, – secret luck,
  • in the nest: Dear luck,

(European ones).:

  • is a sign of peace and harmonious family life as well as loyal friends,
  • see flying in the south: a trip with the family in the south approaches,
  • see: mostly promises very good news for the love, sometimes also for the occupation,
  • see flying: if success and luck mean in the love,
  • see flying away: is valid for heart grief and grief,
  • on wires see sitting: if a meeting with him or the darlings promises, – with married: Reunions with a puppy love,
  • hear twittering: tells a desired love letter or a suitable message in,
  • injured or dead ones: stands for a lot of grief.


  • in crowds: big relationship get,
  • fly in the house: Continuance and increase of the domestic luck,
  • see: your wish is soon fulfilled,
  • see in the nest: joy approaches you,
  • hear twittering: glad message,
  • see flying: News.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Swallow

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