dream streetAssociation: – Direction, – the way of the life. Question: – Where am I on the move?

In general:

These dream symbols embody the life of the dreaming. Importantly for the dream interpretation are the vehicles in which the dreaming on these streets or ways moves, and how the journey runs. The above all following accompanying circumstances are important for the individual interpretation:

  • street see registers as the next future runs, – it is often understood as a symbol of hopes.
  • crossroads or road forks point to the need to make a decision.
  • Seeing one in the dream street signs or signposts, so these are intended really to the orientation for psyche and mind.
  • The street on which one himself builds points, for example, a good way in the more distant future.
  • she gives

  • Winding them to herself bendy through the mountains (see there), to information about the difficulties which oppose us on the way upwards, to the success.
  • the streets which expose internal complexes of the dreamer mostly lead by a wood (see there).
  • of more lukewarm in the dream dangers, robbers, highwaymen or wild animals in the street edge, this picture means, we have to do the people who are in way of our advancement and which the dream gets to believe in us in all sorts of shape, learn to recognise to be able to protect us against them in the everyday life.
  • bad ways or narrow paths also hinder our advancement.
  • street of full people can indicate the need for sociability, but warn also about serious conflicts.
  • desolate street means that one may count only on himself, can count on no help from the outside.
  • a happy, successful and contented future promises

  • wide street, often with nice buildings or flowers.
  • narrow street can point to difficulties, one is restricted and hindered.
  • of the street deviate warns about the present life direction which does not stand in the harmony with the personality.


Streets and ways refer in the dream to the life of the dreamer, on the whole distance or to certain segments of the way. Note with these dream symbols where the way or the street comes and where she leads there. How is the state of the way and how much the street is driven on? Difficult and sinuous ways also return a difficult life situation which can be mostly simplified by more clarity. With the dream symbol street you should pay attention further to whether the street leads uphill or downhill or whether she remains at the same level. Uphill refers to a development into the spiritual and deliberate clarity, downhill on a development into the more uninhibited expression of the feelings and desires. If the street on a height situation remains, it depends on the surroundings. This street may describe a dull life or be also a picture for the fact that one has simplified his life, fortunately. Streets in a town can be animated very much or be deserted also. Often we dream from, with pedestrians to animated streets if we should wish either more personal contacts, or withdraw rather for a time from the gear of the world. If we feel in the dream well with all people round ourselves, we should try in the day dream technology to appeal to some of these people, to put to you a question or to say somewhat of ourselves! Deserted streets are often frightening. They often show on an atmosphere which remind us of surreal pictures, as for example from Salvador Dali. As a result this dream situation mostly indicates that you feel counting lonely and/or. In the day dream technology you can animate these streets with people. Indeed, the emptiness in the dream also reflects needs for rest and loneliness – every now and then in a sort of time out to the meditation and self-discovery – which should be interpreted as those and be considered. With every street and with every way you can also ask yourselves of which place you this street reminds. How have you felt at this place and at this time? How do you stand today to these feelings?

street kinds:

  • one-way street: This often in the dream appearing symbol refers to an Eindimensionalität and inflexibility of the dreamer.
  • Küstenstrasse: Küstenstrasse in the dream always puts the question after the connection between ground and feeling (water). Coastal routes are often sinuous and hardly moving streets.



  • long with big nice houses hinabblicken: to big changes go towards,
  • broadly: many possibilities are open to you,
  • narrowly: Watch that you come through without damage,
  • just: you have a happy future,
  • askew: your aim is to be achieved only on detours, – also: mind that you are still on right way,
  • a dark street: warns us about difficulties which still lie before us, – one will need courage to overcome them,
  • with small and dilapidated houses: Incommodities by members of the family,
  • with some people: you will get visit,
  • with many people see: big dispersion,
  • on a long one go: a laborious way approaches one on which patience and perseverance needs

(European ones).:

  • dream of erotic coinage, – reminder not to give away itself simply
  • long with many houses see and go along: if news and luck,
  • promises

  • long one go along: still a laborious way approaches, – now one needs above all perseverance and patience,
  • see a dark one: still many difficulties lie before one and for their overcoming one needs before all courage,
  • with many people see: Improvement of the shops, – interesting news,
  • a small narrow and a little animated: if brings Clap-purely,
  • a crooked one: one should check whether one is on the right way,
  • go through deserted streets lonely or wander: if tells a bad surprise in with which one completely depends on himself
  • at dark night on more openly be emptier: Danger and disagreeable surprises,
  • are on known with ostensible darkness in a wide-distant town: one will soon undertake a trip which does not bring the desired success, however, – this street is illuminated brightly: one will give away to quickly assaulting pleasure,
  • an absolutely unknown one: one will undertake many trips which bring to a prosperity,
  • go along one and are afraid of crimes: one will proceed in private or professional plans on the black ice.


  • see: you can hope,
  • long go along: you will have a lot of luck,
  • with few people: you will get to act with the authority,
  • with a lot of people: you will make good deals,
  • spreads: you can act at own discretion.

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