dream strangleStrangling Can strangle as are understood, – then often these are negative experiences or overpowering feelings which knot the neck to one. In particular cases the wish is also expressed in it, own needs ‘to strangle’ qualities, experiences and similar edged out psychic contents to never again be confronted with them. Here the real answer to the question would be to be found who robs ‘of the air’ or what – in it there lies the symbolic value of this dream. In certain situations his quick-tempered, aggressive side does not allow to the dreaming to act appropriately. If the dreaming is strangled in his dream himself, these his difficulties symbolise to pronounce his feelings openly.


From spiritual view there originates wisdom if the dreaming learns to hold back immoderate words, but not to strangle.




  • become: a lot of heavy approaches.

(European ones).:

  • somebody in the fight: if quarrel and quarrel as well as judicial discussion registers and one will remain, however, the victorious party,
  • strangle themselves a person (murder): indicates bad character,
  • are strangled: hard-boiled enemies have, – it approaches a heavy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Strangle

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