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Dreaming for a thunderstorm can often bring fear or despair. A storm in a dream can warn against a troubled time that may come in your life. It can also be a sign that you will overcome your existing problems and find a solution to a problematic situation.

A storm in a dream can be a warning not to expose yourself to unnecessary conflicts. According to the dream book, a dream about a storm may also mean that you are going through a turbulent stage in your life.


The storm comes suddenly and passes, so if there is a issue in your life, don’t be afraid or run away from the problematic situation. It would help if you faced difficulties.

Dream meaning : storm

Dream interpretation will help you understand the dream’s meaning about the storm. Remember that one symbol can have several meanings. It all depends on the circumstances and other marks in your dream.

The impending storm

The meaning of dreaming about an impending storm reveals that there will be significant changes in your work environment and career in the coming months, not necessarily positive, so be prepared for any new situation.

It is all momentary, and the sun will appear after this storm.

storm dream symbol

You’re watching the storm

A dream in which you observe a storm from a safe place symbolizes the passage of a troubled period of your life. If you see a storm in a goal from a distance, the dream means that this complicated phase of life is ending.

If a storm is coming, prepare for that period in your life.


You’re running from the storm

Running away from problems does not change anything. It only makes your situation worse. A dream shows that you have difficulty finding peace. You need to be persistent in solving your issues.

The meaning of dream may also apply to your attitude towards being prepared to overcome the issue. You need to develop a strategy in peace to face what your fate brings you.

The dream interpretation says that if you run away from the storm in a dream, you are afraid of what is chasing you – is it a situation that has to be solved, is it a trauma or a delayed decision? How long can you run away? Finally, face the issue, and your skies will finally brighten.

You are hiding from the storm

Such a dream means that some of the issues you are trying to hide will emerge under unfavorable circumstances. Be honest and honest with others, do not run away from the truth, and resolve every situation regularly.

Stuck by a storm

A dream shows that you may have an emotional breakdown, an attack of anger, or despair. Try to find out the cause of your condition and stay calm. Don’t put off troubleshooting until later.

storm dream interpretation

A sudden storm

The dream interpretation warns that the issues that you will have to deal with will only be solved if you show calmness and creativity.

Sleeping can also mean that you are trying to postpone problem-solving, bringing you even more difficulties.


Sleep means essential changes. They can be about your finances or your personal life. You will seek support from other people. Think about who can help you.



A hail dream warns of lies and unfounded accusations. You can feel isolated from everyone, left out. Wait, it out. Everything will be over.

Lightning strikes you

Such a dream means that one or more people will hurt you. Think about who may wish you ill and avoid issues. It can be someone you work with and someone close to you.

storm lighting


Sleep means that you want to hide something quickly, which is terrible because it will have unpleasant consequences, causing a lot of harm to you and the people around you. Better think about how this secret should be revealed.

Seeing lightning bolts in your sleep may mean that necessary changes will occur in your professional life. If you are struck by lightning during a thunderstorm, be careful with your health, it won’t hurt to do a checkup.

A storm with a hurricane

The dream of a storm and hurricane is about emotional concerns, possibly those that were not resolved long ago and are still on your mind.

If you want to forget about them for good, you should seek help or clarify disputes completely and find peace of mind.

Sleep also signifies angry thoughts that go back and forth through your head. This attitude places you according to others as an intolerant and impulsive person. Fighting negative thoughts is the best way to get rid of this storm.

A sandstorm

Such a dream means confusion, confusion, and also sadness. Take a break to analyze the concern. Maybe you are looking for a way, a way out, or a clue in some life situation, and you cannot find anything. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it.


Try to see things from a distance. A dream about a sandstorm reveals that you cannot know the truth. Who knows, if it’s not your prejudices that make it difficult for you to see the situation in its true light.

A snowstorm

It would help if you had peace to deal with your concerns. Explain the situation once and don’t come back to it again. Don’t worry about human languages ​​and do your part to the best ability.

Sleep may also suggest that it’s time to cut yourself off from the past, heal old wounds, and start a new life phase. Overcoming your fears is necessary to end what has been bad for you, but also, what has burned out does not bring anything new to your life.

snowstrom dream

Storm at sea

A dream indicates that family issues are coming, the solution of which will take place in the future – how long it will take depends, among other things, on from you, from your attitude and willingness to act. Prepare yourself for this storm calmly and look for the best solution to help your family.

A place destroyed by a storm

If you found yourself in a place devastated by a storm in a dream, you have finally overcome the concerns and found the best possible solution. Now it’s time to put your affairs in order.

Dreams about Storm – Meaning and Symbolism

  • The impending storm – changes are come to your work
  • You watch the storm – you are going through a turbulent time in your life
  • You run from the storm – you run from the problems
  • You are hiding from the storm – something you are trying to hide will come to light
  • Stuck by a storm – You may have an emotional breakdown, an attack of anger, or despair
  • Sudden storm – trying to postpone problem-solving
  • Gale – significant changes are coming
  • Hailstorm – watch out for lies and accusations
  • Lightning strikes you – someone is going to hurt you.
  • Thunderstorm – Something you hide harms you and your surroundings
  • Storm With Hurricane – Get your emotions under control and solve old problems
  • Sandstorm – you are looking for the way and the truth
  • Snowstorm – cut off from the past and start a new phase of life
  • Storm at sea – family problems are coming, and you can help your loved ones
  • A place destroyed by a storm – you have overcome the problems

A dream about a storm

The storm is one of those dream symbols that often appear in our dreams and simultaneously arouse great emotions that we usually sometimes feel after waking up.

This is since the element is vital and, in a way, fantastic – we are typically afraid of powerful discharges, but we are also delighted with the menacing beauty of nature.

In addition, we can not resist the storm. After that, you can easily guess what the storm can symbolize when appearing in our dream, the more that typically a dream image of it is dangerous – the sky is pierced by lightning, and you can hear every move mighty thunder – this phenomenon is typically much more exaggerated than the one we encounter while awake.


Interpreting dreams about the storm

As you can easily guess, all the phenomena accompanying the storm in our dream are closely related to emotions and experiences, and perhaps the desires that accompany us while awake. When interpreting, we must necessarily consider our present situation in which we find ourselves in real life without it. The analysis may be entirely wrong.


Awareness. Therefore, the storm can mean the anger we experience, and even the anger, if it is powerful, or it may mean that we feel great desire. Typically, the kind that we try to suppress in ourselves when we are awake and only in our sleep can it penetrate ours. However, a storm in a dream can also symbolize our problems or the nervous tension we are living in now.

It is possible, especially when certain people appear in our dream. We must pay attention to them because we may experience these difficult moments or experience emotions that tear us because of these people.

When a thunderstorm is accompanied by lightning in our dreams, it is a sign that we can discover the gist of a matter with our intuition. Unfortunately, however, most likely, the conclusions that we reach on this basis will not be pleasant for us. We will discover something that we have long suspected, perhaps only on our subconscious level, and now these suspicions can be confirmed.

A storm in a dream may also herald the coming period. We will experience many failures and face adversities – such an explanation of this dream symbol has long functioned in folk beliefs.

storm dream

Other meanings of dream about storm

dream storm

Association: – tumultuous change. Question: – Which forces fight in me?

In general

If the dreaming is in a storm, this refers to the fact that he becomes from circumstances and hergeworfen which he does not control.

At the moments at which he should examine, actually, what is to be done and to pull back itself either from the situation, or to itself up to a protected area should fight out, the dreaming allows to external circumstances to create problems to him.


Storm can point to a deep mental vibration by disturbed experiences or fears, – they disturb the internal balance if one soon does not process them. Old-Indian dream books understand him as a warning before strife (mostly in the family).


Wind shows often spiritual matters in the dream. The dreaming possibly takes seriously himself to. Maybe he attaches to such forces in himself which lead him to new shores too much meaning.

To understand spiritually like the wind. He tears us whirling with to the success which originates from the strength of the mind. Besides, there will be some excitement, is obvious.


At this level the storm in the dream can be not only a symbol for the human mind, but also for the spiritual qualities of some things.


The storm is a herald of dangers and damages, – only slaves, arms and people who are in the clip, they prophesy freeing from the Widerwärtigkeiten pressing them, – good weather follows then immense storms.

Arabic, islam

  • in general: times of big excitement and dangers approach, – danger for love and occupation,
  • hear raving: disagreeable events, – against a disagreeable enemy must arm themselves,
  • see causing damage to buildings and trees: Misfortune, need and desperation experience.


  • see raving from a protected place around himself: if brings the danger of the existence, a connection or other important matter,
  • hear howling: Reproaches and references receive, – Li> brings bad news,
  • see an approaching one: if announces persistent illness, – unfavorable shops and separation of friends,
  • experience one: one will have to put up with heavy fights and who arms himself on time, can finish best of all it,
  • is in it and with him fight: if bring big difficulties and losses,
  • pass: the grief will not be so big.


  • hear raving: To strife in the house, – annoyance, big excitement, insult,
  • experience: one treats you unfairly.
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