dream sphinxAssociation: – Secret, – riddle. Question: – Which secrets try I to decipher?

In general:

For most people the sphinx in the dream symbolises the country Egypt and all mysterious which combines with him. If one sees a sphinx in the dream, this puzzling figure wants to put to us the question whether one has already proved himself as a person, or only cursorily exists. One should direct his look more inwards and in the depth.



The sphinx in the dream symbolises the puzzling side of the person. In the dream she refers to the mysterious strength of which the dreaming often disposes just in difficult times.


At the spiritual level the sphinx stands in the dream for watchfulness, power, and wisdom as well as dignity. It is a riddle surrendering monster with human head and animal body.



  • see: you hold your secret well preserved,
  • destroys: a secret will be ventilated.

(European ones).:

  • One will get to know a mysterious, unusual person.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Sphinx

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