A dream about socks means that you are about to move. It is also a sign of good fortune at work, professional success, and fulfillment, especially in cases where the socks are thin, and designed to be worn with business and social outfits.

Dreambook socks

The meaning of the dream about socks can be associated with emotions and thoughts that you keep inside. Be careful that these guarded feelings do not harm your well-being.


To see socks

The dream signifies security and financial gain. You feel good about the place you are in. Try to maintain balance and good relationships.

To wear socks (feet in socks)

The meaning of the dream is a clear indication of happiness in a relationship. For those who are thinking of getting married or living together, Dreambook says that there will be plenty of care, love, and affection between you.

If your socks were swathed, the dream means that you are eating a journey. If in a dream you took off your socks, the dream means a change of address.

To buy or sell socks

A dream that you are buying or selling socks is a good sign, especially for people who make a living from trade. It foretells profits that will bring peace and comfort to your family. Buying or selling socks is a guarantee of professional success.

New socks

A dream about new socks is a sign for you to start appreciating what you have. You should also show gratitude to others more often.

To give or receive socks

The dream foretells trouble in relationships. It can even mean separation. If you want it, this is a good time to end the relationship definitively. If it is your partner who is pushing for a separation, think carefully about whether there is any point in persuading him to change his mind.


To lose or find socks

Losing or finding socks in a dream is a sign of new friendships. The meaning of the dream is that an old friend may be leaving you, but know that a new, devoted person will soon appear.

Torn socks (holey, mended).

The dream may suggest financial problems. Take precautions against possible takeoffs and don’t spend money recklessly.

Other dream meanings may refer to family life and foreshadow upcoming changes, such as the birth of a child. Couples who do not yet have children, but are thinking about it, can begin to prepare for their welcome. Those who have children will feel like fulfilled parents.

Patched socks

Dreambook states that you will go on a journey that will make you wonder where you belong. You may finally find your place on the ground or settle permanently in your dream corner of the world.

Dirty socks

A dream about dirty socks shows that it’s time to dot the “i” and perhaps end the relationship. Be honest and make all your grievances clear to your partner.

The dream may also mean that someone is trying to slander you. Be careful about the people you surround yourself with.

Dreaming about dirty socks can also be a sign of guilt.

To wash your socks

You are going through a difficult time in your relationship. You may even have a separation with your partner. Dreambook predicts that a new love will soon appear on your path.


Types of socks

Wool socks

The dream indicates good relations in the family, especially marital relations. Enjoy these moments and make sure they last as long as possible. Routine can spoil what you have achieved, thus be creative and active.

Thin socks

The meaning of the dream suggests that you will be lucky in all matters related to finances. Thus, see to it that you make good use of these moments. Think about the future, because the good fortune will not last forever.

Cotton socks

The dream expresses joy at work. Perhaps it refers to your professional work, or maybe the one done at home or treated as a hobby. It’s a great comfort to be occupied with something that gives you joy but don’t neglect other sides of life.

Sock colors

White socks

The dream of white socks is associated with a career. The joy of work will permanently enter your life. The thinner the socks, the greater the job satisfaction. Dreambook advises you to take care of a good reputation and maintain proper relations in the workplace. Acting in this way can make it easier for you to achieve the much-desired professional success.

A dream about white socks may also indicate that all you want now is peace and quiet, but you are not acting to achieve this goal.

Black socks

This dream means that you will go through more difficult times. Although it is not always possible to avoid difficulties, try to be more optimistic in such moments.

Colorful socks

Dreambook advises: stop focusing on the negative aspects of your life and start looking at events more optimistically, after all, nothing is only white or black.

Dream meaning: socks

  • To see socks – you feel asset and safety.
  • To wear socks (feet in socks) – happiness will dawn in your relationship
  • To buy or sell socks – expect financial gains
  • New socks – start appreciating what you have
  • To give or receive socks – consider the future of your relationship
  • To lose or find socks – you will find a new friend
  • Torn socks (holey, mended) – your family life may change
  • Patched socks – you will go on an important journey
  • Dirty socks – be careful with whom you surround yourself with
  • To wash socks – a new love will soon appear on your path
  • Wool socks – don’t fall into a rut
  • Thin socks – you will have in matters related to finances
  • Cotton socks – you will be satisfied with your work
  • White socks – you need peace and quiet
  • Black socks – be more optimistic
  • Colorful socks – stop focusing only on the negative aspects of life

Mystic Dreambook – socks

  • When you dream that you are putting on new socks, it is a sign that in waking life you are carrying the intention of undertaking some kind of journey, but at the same time, it makes you anxious.
  • Unfresh socks are a signal from your subconscious to keep everything that you own well-protected for the journey.
  • If you wash your socks, it foreshadows an unexpected trip for you.
  • Holes in socks appearing in your dream are a harbinger of pending failures in the professional sphere.
  • When you dream that you are hiding your socks, it means that in waking life you are trying to hide from others your failure, of which you are very ashamed.
  • The mismatched socks are a signal from your subconscious that you can put your plans into action, but you have to try very hard.
  • If you dream that you are buying or giving socks to someone, it augurs good luck for you.

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