The meaning of a dream about snow varies greatly. On the one hand it is an element of purity and tranquility, on the other hand it can refer to something fleeting.

A dream about snow means good luck. It is a positive omen associated with romance and good business. However, depending on the context, the dream can also have other meanings.


Dreams about snow refer to the emotional dimension of your life and all the obstacles that lie ahead. The meaning of the dream can also be associated with the need for liberation, personal and emotional development. It represents purity, innocence, ease and simplicity. It can also be associated with the fear of growth and evolution.

Dream Meaning Snow

To see snow

A dream of snow represents the need for forgiveness. Maybe you need to forgive someone, or maybe you need to forgive yourself? The meaning of a dream about snow can also be associated with feelings of loneliness, isolation and even depression.

A dream in which you see snow is also a sign of inspiration. It’s a sign that your creativity and intuitive energy are growing, and it’s time to use them. Try to think outside the box to solve complex problems and situations, allow yourself to be creative and use that creativity to grow personally and professionally.

Colorful snow

If the snow in your dream was colorful, it is a sign of positive change. If you have been having a hard time, experiencing problems, a change in the situation is coming.


A dream about snowflakes means that you need to listen to yourself more. If you are having trouble dealing with your inner self and need help, seek it! Balance is very necessary for you.

Falling snow

A dream about falling snow is a message that it may be time to change your behavior or priorities. Allow yourself a new beginning. Take the path of spiritual evolution so that your life improves in many ways.


The meaning of a dream can tell you a lot about your mental and spiritual state. You seem to be lost in your own thoughts and plans. The best thing to do in such a situation is to stay calm and find ways to help you become a more organized person. Don’t worry, you will get out of this mess! Just work on yourself.


A dream about a snowstorm means that you are in a difficult situation from which you see no way out. This is the best time to find a true friend who will give you a sense of security. Don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust for help!

A blizzard in a dream can indicate anxiety, uncertainty and difficulties that disturb your sleep. It is also a sign of emotional blockage regarding a problem or person. Remember, however, that every storm passes, and with a little effort you can improve your situation.

A snowstorm in a dream also indicates hard work, but with a good reward.

Melting snow

The meaning of the dream of melting snow is a warning to pay more attention to one’s own life. Negligence and carelessness can lead to a loss of control, and regaining control of life is something strenuous, exhausting – and in your case a situation you can avoid. The dreamer warns of difficulties that may arise. Prepare yourself to face challenges and obstacles optimistically, with strength and determination. A dream about melting snow is associated with overcoming and winning. Even if you had several obstacles that hindered your progress, you found a solution. After facing challenges for a long time, it’s time to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rain with snow

The dream meaning indicates that you are on the right track, developing, maturing, growing up.

If things haven’t been going well lately, know that you are now on the right path and will get better at dealing with life’s challenges.

Snow and ice

The dreamer explains the dream as a sign that you know how to deal with the challenges of everyday life. If you are going through a difficult time, know that you will soon be able to overcome difficulties because you are on the right path to overcome them.


Snow avalanche

The meaning of the dream of a snow avalanche is an unexpected change. Whether this change will be positive or not, only time will tell. The dreamer predicts that one change will bring another.

To witness an avalanche in a dream is an omen that insurmountable obstacles will be overcome, but only if plans change. To be buried by an avalanche in a dream is a sign that a difficult streak will not last long. To see someone buried by an avalanche in a dream is a harbinger that there will be a change in your life, a new beginning of something that lies ahead.

Snowy mountain

This dream indicates greater challenges. However, it does not mean that you will not be able to overcome them, for you will be prepared to face them. Don’t be afraid of these challenges, for they are necessary for your future.

Trees in the snow (snow covered)

The sight of snow-covered trees in your dream is a prediction that you will experience a wonderful romance. If you’re single, it’s an opportunity to meet someone interesting. If you are in a relationship, be careful of your emotions, as they can destroy what you have worked so hard to build.

Lots of snow

A dream about lots of snow is a good sign because it indicates an auspicious moment, but this moment will be short lived! Make the most of it, have adventures, take risks. Be ready for changes.

Dirty snow

The dream of dirty snow refers to your inner state. The dreamer realizes that there are certain fears that greatly discourage you and prevent you from moving forward. These fears are the fruit of the past; if you can’t deal with them on your own, ask for help.

Seeing dirty snow in your dreams is a sign of confusion and emotional frustration. If you are experiencing moments of anxiety and stress, your dreams indicate that it is time to stop suppressing your own problems and emotions and find a healthy, safe way to deal with them.

Snow on the ground

A dream of snow on the ground means that your uncertainty will cause you to make mistakes in certain situations, especially those that require you to make important decisions. Don’t let uncertainty keep you from taking an important step into the future. Ask for help when you need it!


Snow in the sea

A dream about snow in the sea is associated with feelings of confusion. The sea usually represents emotions, and the dream indicates that you are going through a time when things are more difficult to understand. This is only temporary confusion. Take a moment to think more about yourself.

Snow in an unusual place

A dream about snow in a place where it doesn’t usually snow is associated with your dissatisfaction. Do you feel out of place at work or in your own family? If so, the dream is a reflection of your suppressed feelings.

If you do not feel comfortable in one place and there is a possibility of moving, do it! It is important that you feel comfortable in the places you frequent.

Shoveling snow

The dream indicates that you need to do some spiritual cleansing. Shoveling snow prevents falls, makes it easier for people and vehicles to move. Shoveling snow in a dream indicates that you are overwhelmed and need to remove some things from your life.

Shoveling snow from the sidewalk, street, or front door in a dream indicates that you have influential friends who will help you solve a problem.

Playing in the snow

The dream meaning encourages you to take a break, to remember to rest and to always find a few moments for it. Everything is a matter of priority and planning. Relaxation will renew your strength.

The dream can also be about seizing an opportunity. Try to be a little more attentive and discover as many opportunities for new experiences as possible.

The dream represents twists and turns in your love life. Disputes will be resolved and a new romance may blossom. Enjoy the mood, have a candlelight dinner and be happy. The dream also indicates stability in a relationship.


Holding snow (snow in hand)

A dream of holding snow usually has two meanings, depending on how much snow you were holding. If there was a whole handful of it, the dream indicates that you are doing everything in your power to achieve your goals. Just make sure you respect your limits.

If you were holding only one snowflake, it means that your goal is to seek balance. As a result, you will soon achieve what you want.

Holding snow is associated with fun, new experiences, but also excessive cold. If you have held snow in your dreams but never in reality, it means that you are looking for change, new experiences. It also means that the ties of the past that held you are not good and you are ready to break them. If you were holding snow when you woke up, the dream means that you may be stuck – stuck in time or stuck in a problem. It’s time to stand up and move on.


A dream of snowballs is a sign that you need to focus more on your life, your well-being. It is time to move away from your problems in order to gain new perspectives. If the snowballs were small, it is a sign that the projects and tasks you have spent time on will be successfully completed.

If you see snowballs in your dream, it means that special people will appear in your life. You will be able to make new friends.

A dream about a snowball war is a sign that you are ready to deal with problems in relationships with friends. It is a sign that your social life will soon improve.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are distancing yourself from people. You may end up feeling lost and lonely. Be a little more flexible and let people get closer to you!

Snowman made of snow

A dream about a snowman indicates a connection with childhood, the past and old feelings. You feel nostalgic for what used to be. Just be careful not to get too caught up in longing for the past and forget to enjoy the present.


Another meaning of this dream is that you may have some problems in your love life.

To ski

To dream that you are skiing means that you will be able to overcome some obstacles. If you easily avoid falling into the snow, it is a good sign because it shows that you can handle adversity well.

However, if you have difficulty avoiding a fall, the dream indicates that you need to work a little harder to improve your skills. Don’t give up.

Walking in the snow

A dream in which you are walking on snow means that you are confident. Stay focused and don’t give up. This attitude will lead you to your goal. You also trust your loved ones. The dreamer suggests that you should be more careful with your self-confidence. Do not entrust secrets and information to others. Also be careful not to trust people with whom you do not have a close relationship.

Running in the snow

The meaning of this dream is associated with feelings of effort and determination, and indicates that you are someone who is always fighting for your goals.

The dream of running in the snow indicates that you are in search of change and new experiences. You are tired of routine and ready to move forward.

Driving in the snow

Driving on snow in a dream means that you will face great challenges. The dream is a sign of more complicated moments that will require a lot of patience and attention to get through.

Driving on snow in a dream is a sign that you are a fearless person who does not shy away from challenges and who has what it takes to succeed in life. You don’t need or rely on luck – you are well on your way to achieving your dreams.


Sliding in the snow

The dream indicates that you will find a solution to the current problem you are facing. Despite the falls, you get up and go on.

Another meaning of the dream is to draw your attention to the pitfalls in your life. You need to be more focused and pay attention to details.

Finding something in the snow

Finding something in the snow in a dream is a good sign. It means that you are ready and able to learn and open new paths in your life. The dream of finding something in the snow is a sign of change. The most common meaning of this dream is that your determination will take you far. If you are looking for improvements in your life, you will find something that will help you a lot. The dream encourages you to keep searching for your goals. Standing still is never good and will not allow you to change your life.

Meeting someone in the snow

This dream is a clear sign that there is someone important in your life. This special person is always with you, could be a great friend, a loving partner or even someone in the family who always supports you!

The dream may also be a request for help from someone close to you. Check to see if the person needs support.

Lying in the snow

A dream of lying in the snow indicates that you have been in the same place for a long time and have no prospects for the future. The dreamer realizes that it is time to make a big change, because standing still is never the best option. This may be a sign that you are giving up the fight and staying with problems and difficulties. Don’t give up, don’t give up your dreams and don’t be idle.

Another meaning of the dream is related to malicious people around you. Be careful not to let them manipulate you, because it can get you into trouble.

Washing yourself with snow

To dream that you are washing yourself with snow is a positive sign. This type of dream indicates that your life will soon become more peaceful.


If you have recently gone through a difficult time, the dream indicates that you need to rest and recharge your batteries. Take care of yourself, listen to your body and mind. Your health must be your priority!

Eating snow

A dream in which you are eating snow indicates that you may be disappointed in someone or that you may lose someone important to you. Unfortunately, this kind of situation can happen to anyone, so it’s best to accept it for what it is and recover gradually.

If you ate snow in your dream, it means that you are a person who is open to different ideas and opinions, and these qualities will help you succeed. In addition, the dream indicates that you will be very sensitive to the pain and feelings of others, you can help and change the lives of many people.

The dream also means variety. It means that you can handle change well.

Boots (snow boots)

If you see or put on snow boots in your dream, you will receive a message from a good friend. The dream also symbolizes success in life, prosperity.

Snow in different seasons

Snow in spring

If you dream about snow in spring, it means that there will be changes in your love life.

Another meaning of the dream is unexpected gains and luck in gambling.

Snow in summer

If you dream of snow in summer, the dream symbolizes changes in your professional life.


It can also mean that you will make an excellent business deal.

Snow in fall

The dream indicates an upcoming period of reflection in which it will be possible to make some changes. It also means that you are positive about the world and believe in a successful future.

Snow in winter

The meaning of this dream indicates stability in your life. Snow in a dream is a sign of warmth and love in the family.

This type of dream also indicates that you can’t understand or come to terms with something. So the dream is a sign for you to pay more attention and notice everything that is important to you.

Dream meaning: Snow

  • To see snow – you should forgive someone
  • Colorful snow – positive changes are coming
  • Snowflakes – you need to listen to yourself better
  • Snow falling – allow yourself a new beginning
  • Falling snow – you feel lost
  • Blizzard – you are experiencing difficulties, but they will soon pass
  • Melting snow – you will overcome difficulties, take care of your business
  • Rain with snow – you are getting better at overcoming challenges
  • Snow and ice – you know how to deal with problems
  • Snow avalanche – one unexpected change will bring another
  • Snow-covered mountain – getting ready for bigger challenges
  • Trees in snow (snowy) – you have a chance to experience romance
  • Lots of snow – make the most of a good moment
  • Dirty snow – stop suppressing your own problems and emotions
  • Snow on the ground – your insecurities are limiting you
  • Snow in the sea – temporary turbulence ahead
  • Snow in an unusual place – you are unhappy about something
  • Shoveling snow – you feel overwhelmed
  • Playing in the snow – remember to rest
  • Holding snow (snow in hand) – you will soon achieve what you want
  • Snowballs – focus on your own life
  • Snowman – you miss the past
  • Skiing – you deal well with adversity
  • Walking in the snow – you do not trust people with whom you do not have a close relationship
  • Running in the snow – you are tired of routine
  • Driving on snow – you will face great challenges
  • Sliding in the snow – improving your concentration and attention to detail
  • Find something in the snow – your determination will take you far
  • Meeting someone in the snow – someone may need your support
  • Lie in the snow – don’t give up on your dreams
  • Washing in the snow – relax and take care of yourself
  • Eating snow – you may be disappointed in someone
  • Boots (snow boots) – you will receive a message from a friend
  • Snow in spring – you will be lucky in a game
  • Snow in summer – you will make an excellent business deal
  • Snow in fall – you are positive about the world
  • Snow in winter – stability will prevail in your life

Mystic Dreamer – Snow

If you dream that you see snow on the ground, it means that despite initial difficulties you will manage to improve your overall life situation, or it will happen independently of you.

The meaning of the dream of snow

Snow on a mountaintop in your dream is a sign that you are unable to change your life and will not succeed no matter how hard you try.

Thick snow is a sign of obstacles and difficulties that you will soon encounter.

Melting snow is a sign that your situation will improve in some way.


If you dream that you are walking in the middle of a blizzard, it foretells that you will be able to overcome some problems after making great efforts.

If you dream of falling into a pile of snow, it means you will have financial problems.

If you dream that you are making snowballs, it foretells that you will soon suffer some loss.

If you throw snow, it is a signal from your subconscious that one of your associates is not honest.

Sticky snow appearing in your dream foretells that you will soon change some of your habits for some reason.

Dirty snow foretells that you will lose respect in the eyes of those around you because of your behavior in some matter.

If you dream of snow falling in the summer, it foretells some unpleasant event that will soon take place in your life.

dream snowAssociation: – Cleanness, emotions in the Schwebezustand, clarity, end and fresh start. Question: – What is over? Where in my life I wish a new beginning?


In general:

Snow is crystallised water and a symbol for the fact that an idea or a plan accepts a concrete form. Snow often appears with feeling problems, then warns maybe about her suppression or registers that they cool off, but anew can be animated. Sometimes he stands also for growing old what can be connected then with men with fear of impotence. If he melts, he can stand for softening the hardened heart.


Snow, the shroud of the nature, in the dream can be a tip to emotional cold or frigidity (heart cold), as well as the fear of impotence and loneliness. In the colloquial language the word can call also certain drugs. Only few snowy dreams have to report of positive (see snowball battle). If we sink, for example, into the snow, the feeling has cooled off for somebody which we believed to love. Already the altägyptischen dream researchers stated who sees snow, a change of his personal relations approaches that, and if one laboriously wades by snow, one will come in the foreseeable future to distress.


At the spiritual level snow in the dream can symbolise cleanness, beauty and melting away of difficulties.


If one looks ice and snow at the suitable season, is without premeaning, – sleeps then during the bodies, the soul remembers only the icy cold of the day. Looked at another season, they are only farmers of use, they indicate the remaining person that her plans and planned enterprises are run quite frosty, and they prevent travelling.



    plagues, worries and tortures mean

  • snow, hail and ice, – secret wishes will not come true,
  • Dreaming one, a place or country where it is not normally snowing would be covered by loose snow, the inhabitants will get a harvest failure. If thick snow has liked, enemies will press the people in big crowds according to the size of the place. If it is normally snowing there, the plague will be even harder and worse. If this looks somebody in winter, the need becomes lighter be to be endured, if in summer, heavier and more badly.
  • snowy mountain: you are helpless and need a good friend,
  • (as a big surface) see: one will make to you empty promises,
  • wade: become ill, – also: you have to overcome obstacles,
  • snowflakes see: positive news in business matters, – also: Reassurance and consolation of friends,
  • snow flurries see or hineingeraten: Incommodities are put out, – waits, until the situation becomes clearer,
  • thaw: good views of quick success, – also: soon come out of distress.

(European ones).:

  • power question, – the nature sleeps or has died, – coolness, cold, – the season stands for the age, – luck and blessing promises namely all the more to have a relevant dream in summer, – also: some her wishes will not come true, because something is ‘water under the bridge’,
  • see falling (snow flurry): promises news which promises a better lot for the future,
  • thickens flakes of the sky see falling: in the private life some problems are to be cleared,
  • the big white snowflakes which one sees by the window: promise an irritating conversation with the partner, – the estrangement is still strengthened by financial troubles,
  • are in a blizzard: difficult times are to be got through, however, one will create it,
  • is snowbound or have got lost: other waves of the misfortune will break constantly upon one,
  • about the scenery see: if a familiar home,
  • promises

  • snowy mountains in the distance see: warn about the fact that the longings and attempts bring no lohnenswerten progress,
  • sunshine in the snowy scenery: one will shake off his misfortune and attain again power,
  • snowball battles: one will have to fight with dishonourable problems, – if one forms no sound judgment, one will suffer a defeat,
  • eat: one will not realise his ideals,
  • more dirtily: own pride will be injured and one will search with a person despised by you consolation,
  • more melting: the fears will change into joys.


  • see: you will have to change your plan, – change of the relations,
  • are rubbed with it: awake from your lethargy,
  • wade in it: you will come to distress,
  • see falling: Obstacles,
  • hineinfallen: Difficulties in the business,
  • see melting: good views,
  • in big heap: Luck,
  • snow, brilliantly knows: Their worry about cleanness is exaggerated something,
  • disturbedly and dirtily: something loads the conscience.
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