dream scorpionAssociation: – devastating feelings, – thoughts, – words. Question: – Where in my life I am ready to express my authority and strength?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Power, – sting, – poison, – danger, – transformation. Description: The scorpion, a spider-like animal, seems above all in the warmer parts of the world. He owns at the front end a pair of grab scissors and a long, segmented tail whose end is provided with a toxic sting. The sting of the scorpion can be sometimes deadly, nevertheless, is merely painful generally for the adult person. General meaning: Your strength, – one which can knife, – a strength which can poison you or others, – the actual state of the things. Association: The star sign Scorpion. Transcendent meaning: The gift of a strength in the dream state which must be used, nevertheless, carefully, because it can sting, before it has completely been understood.



Scorpions point to bad-disposed subjects.

In general:

Scorpion can embody aggressiveness, Sarkasmus, cynicism or malice, – often there stands behind it bitterness about a disappointment which one has not processed yet. Remarks of the people have injured the dreaming. He means, the whole world is thus and would like to pay back with it her with the same coin (sting).


The arachnid similar to cancer also delivers in the dream his poison sting against us. With this picture the unconscious wants to warn us probably about a secret opponent who could do harm to us. Mostly the scorpion is not to be seen at all, one hears only from him and fears, nevertheless, his sting. He lacks the scorpion is a similar dream symbol like the spider, indeed, the female aspect. The scorpion stands rather than a picture for the male, aggressive strength.


He is a deadly enemy of the person and sign of diabolical, life-endangering and welfare-endangering powers.



  • The scorpion means an evil enemy who has a dubious reputation. Carried and cunning surrounds you, – one must recognise that one is surrounded not only by friends,
  • Dreaming one, he is stung by a scorpion, he is damaged by such an enemy and become ill, but repay it to that with good.
  • he will destroy

  • Killing somebody a scorpion, a person such blow.
  • he will tear

  • Eating somebody in the dream the meat of a scorpion whom he has killed the property of the person concerned in himself.
  • he will expel

  • Putting somebody other with a scorpion in fright, against them threats and sow Feindschaften. The same interpretation applies for the lizard and the Rox or Roga and the other Kriechtiere.
  • eighth on the weapons of your enemies.

(European ones).:

  • or salamander: if announces secret hostility, – the wrong friends who have seen it on the property
  • are stung by one: one will be hard damaged by a secret hostility,
  • cannot kill: serious losses approach,
  • kill: After long persistent conflicts in the partnership a turn enters to the good. One will spend with the partner many happy hours and master future difficulties together.


  • you will have to suffer punishment.

(See also spider, zodiac) Scorpion (sign of the zodiac)



  • you will make an inheritance.

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