dream sceneryThe scenery in which a dream plays can be an important part of the interpretation. As a rule she reflects the feelings and images of the dreaming and, hence, his personality. An often returning scenery can refer to an area in which the dreaming as a child has felt sure, – she can also symbolise a feeling or a problem with which he could not come up to now to the pure. Sceneries show rather strengthened feelings than momentary moods. She stands in general for unfulfilled longings which still, however, come true if it is shone on by the sun. A sunny scenery stands also for the fulfilment of our wishes for a carefree, nature-loving life, – it lies in the fog or she is cloud-overcast, we look after in the awake life the murky thoughts which do not help us. A rock scenery refers to problems, sombre, however, on pessimism and selfdoubt. Dreamscapes can have weird qualities to emphasise a certain message. For example, trees of ice or rock of sugar can appear. The action matters to the right interpretation of these symbols. A large part of the dreams beds itself down in a dreamscape reminded in the morning. This environment of the dream events also has if it does not belong directly to the action, her particular importance. The dreamscape can correspond to a close world: possibly to that mountain village in which we experienced the holidays or stayed longer. Maybe these are the surroundings of the town in which we studied once. Two sceneries very often push like zusammenkopierte films about one another. Then obvious the dream has to act with something which hangs together with both sceneries. The second scenery proves the Nuancierung of the dream experience. To the known scenery or to her section one has from the recollection or from the present experience zusammenzuholen what refers to them. If one sees in the dream the silhouette of a known town, in this, however, a building, about one church which do not exist, otherwise, then a new motive hineingebaut has itself in the experience. The master builder of the dreams has found for necessary to put a religious experience possibility in our town scenery. Maybe he also lays a bridge about a river where in reality no crossing exists. Obvious it concerns of coming exactly here on the other side. ‘Here’ this is to be examined. Besides, one never forgets: The place of the bridge is, like the ford or the passport crossing, a special danger place. The dreamer often brags very clearly on which street he is who was his aim, Then he is level on the internal street after the meaning and the symbolic salary of that mentioned place. Just as often as in known or partially known area one is found with his dream enterprise in a foreign, in a generally unknown scenery. Thus it goes by dark woods, about big levels, or one is on a wandering through the mountains. The scenery is always symbolic here. Thus a man dreams himself after a big spiritual achievement, linked with a several years’ creating loneliness, on the descent from chill glacier world down in the valley. He meets again person and finds out from them that he has lived very long by the height, in loneliness and cold. Maybe this scenery is still not so dreadful as the desert in the reality and in our dreams. There the life water goes out, there threatens the singing, there it is swarming in some dreams of queues. It is a wild time in this dreamer, and she gets the dangerous loneliness phenomena up, the voices hearing, the hallucinations and visions, briefly, the loss of the living reality respect. Very dear-worth sceneries can be also given to the dreamer. In addition is reflected in the scenery the season, namely the lifetime, in that of the dreamers stands again. A tip to the dangers of the winter scenery hardly needs of the special mention that a spring scenery with fresh-green meadows, young grain fields and blossoming trees is also not to be interpreted positively. Some dreamer asks himself, admittedly, why it may green in him and blossom, because he consciously so hard by the darkness by which ‘winter of his displeasure’ (Goethe) has to go. Then just the departure of the new, the spring has arrived, so to speak, only in unaware events. Harvest and fruits scenery is of course a good scenery. Hard it falls some older dreamer to suppose consciously that he stands in autumn of his life. Then the dreams must say him that his summer is there. In such a dream about one train of unkempt mountain horses with Blachewagen moves by the scenery, slopes yellow and red are from the autumn foliage of the woods. Also the dreamer far from the seashore can dream himself in a scenery by the sea. Where personal recollections do not predominate, there it concerns our portion by the old sea of the collective unconscious. Jung says in his work: ‘The sea is the symbol of the collective subconsciousness because it hides unexpected depths under shining surface.’ And: ‘The sea is a popular place of origin for visions, i.e. burglaries of unaware contents. ‘ If the scenery changes between dream beginning and dream end, it is maybe necessary to renew something in the everyday life.


At the spiritual level a scenery can point in the dream to improvements which the dreaming can cause, while he deals with his moods and settings.




  • clarifies see: a pleasant trip approaches,
  • in summer: happy days with friends,
  • in winter: Nothing undertake, wait. The time is without success.
  • desolate and overgrown ones see: you will start a disagreeable trip in close future.

(European ones).:

  • one has a longing which is not satisfied,
  • nice, sunny ones see: you have view of glad enjoyable hours, – means luck, joy and love,
  • are in a nice and fertile scenery with rich grain-fields and clean rivers: it approach an exceptionally good time, – one will accumulate wealth,
  • desolate, sombre ones see: Misfortune, frustration, – points to oppression, grief and worries, – also: promises troubled times, – the country is struck by famines and illnesses.


  • you is invited, is careful, one wants to question you there.

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