dream savingsMany visions are equivocal. Savings in the dream are able – material, spiritual or emotional resources explain which the dreaming keeps for times of the need. If it is in a dream about savings, is aware the dreaming of the need to preserve something. This can be in the personal area, but also at a comprehensive level the case. If a feeling of the abnegation is connected with the savings, he has not used in the past his means maybe properly and must suffer now from it. The symbol can ask not to waste them, but also require that one uses them more. Partially the need for better material security and independence also appears in it. If acts a dream of savings about which the dreaming knew nothing, then this is a tip to the fact that he owns additional energy and time springs which he has not tapped up to now yet. If he dreams that he puts on savings, this is a tip to the fact that he should think over his instantaneous financial situation to be able to take measures for the future. If another person gives his savings to the dreaming, this stands for knowledge acquired anew and skill. If vice versa the dreaming gives away his savings, this is called that he does not need that for which these savings stand any more.


In the spiritual sense savings are a tip to those talents and abilities which the dreaming owns, but yet has not been of use.




  • This is a warning not to handle too frivolously with money.

(European ones).:

  • accumulate: Poverty is predicted.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Savings

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