dream sandAssociation: – Waste, – immeasurableness. Question: – What is everlasting in me? What hinders me in my growth?

In general:

Sand is often interpreted as a tip to the fact that one considers his life, his intentions and plans not enough and secures (on sand built) has, – therefore, success is unsafe. Sand in the dream symbolises unstableness and a lack of security. Sand and sea show together lacking emotional security. Quicksand points out to the fact that the dreaming is not probably able to decide what is inalienable for him in his life. Sand in an hourglass wants to warn the dreaming about the fact that the time runs out.



The sand as a sandy dune or sandy beach mostly deals with holiday recollections of the dreaming or also with his wish for rest and rest. Nevertheless, the sand as a vision is often a symbol for the time and also for transitoriness, the running off lifetime is shown thus. Sand often appears in the dream because the dreaming is afraid of age and death. The construction of sand castles is an employment which has no real purpose, because they become a further-washed of the flood. If the dreaming follows in his dream of this employment, this is a tip to the fact that the structure which he tries to give to his life cannot be long-lasting and is, hence, an illusion. Sand can often symbolise the granules which we would like to strew other in the eyes. Who sees a sandy storm in the dream or will suffer in him hineingerät, maybe by the unmind of his people a harsh loss. If one digs himself in in the sand or one lies in a sandy hollow, one probably undermines his own existence.


At the spiritual level sand stands for the transitoriness of the physical life and can symbolise the oncoming death.



  • see: uncertain relations will disturb you very much, – a reminder not to waste his spiritual and physical forces further on plan which cannot be realised, nevertheless,
  • go on it: you make unsafe deals,
  • shovel: with little application you have high profit,
  • scatter: you waste your property,
  • in the mouth: one will make you very angry.

(European ones).:

  • like ‘ground’, but deadly and without every strength, because the foundation and the basis are absent,
  • see: annoyance and disappointments brings meant so much like insecurity in all, – need, problems and losses,
  • promises

  • lie in it: if means the danger of the existence,
  • scatter: you will receive disagreeable visit,
  • sandy storm: tells the breakdown of the achieved up to now in.


  • scatter: Visit announces the visit.

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