dream sadnessSadness promises that wishes and hopes are soon fulfilled.


It seems that one awakes from a dream with an overpowering feeling of sadness. Often one will not be able to remember at all the concrete dream events which caused this sadness, but some other time symbols can also appear very hard in such dreams, possibly the death of a friend or the response of a national or international tragedy. Nevertheless, the true reason of the affliction released thereby will be as a rule a strong reaction to personal experiences. If the dream recurs, the professional consultation is recommended, especially if one feels in general subdued.




  • be: amusing days expect you.

(European ones).:

  • because of an event be sad: one will be disappointing by a profit-promising plan,
  • other see sad: if means the disagreeable interruption of a plan,
  • of lover the separation approaches.


  • be: your wishes will soon come true,
  • sadness: a lot of joy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Sadness

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