dream riddleThey signal everyday problems. If we solve them in the dream, we can maybe make the deal of our life, – they remain unsolved, we still have to nibble long time at a problem. Riddles signal in general the wish for clear and unequivocal solutions.


One is in search of an answer if one should solve riddle in the dream. Or: One has to do himself from a ‘fixed idea’ which raises only new questions over and over again and contains problems, finally, dismiss because no ‘solution possibility’ is recognizable. What can be also meant with a riddle dream: It would be good to dissociate itself from a person who surrenders to a constantly new riddle – it is to keep up the interest in his person, or also because he has to hide something and wants to change the subject of it with his ‘puzzling behaviour’.




  • read: your love has secrets before you,
  • advise: you will have grown to all incidents, – also: you can count on a profit,
  • cannot advise: come to a desperate situation.


  • The symbol warns about hasty decisions and recommends to take more seriously the present situation than she seems. Words and actions are to be weighed during the next days carefully, because the situation cannot be overlooked on account of elaborately intertwined connections yet. Whether and how it shall be mastered, arises from the teamwork with the remaining signs of the dream. In the dream like in the life: It is a matter of recognising the signs of seeing in the connection and of indicating properly. Then, and only then, one says: Action!

(European ones).:

  • the sense of riddles is a confusion and discontent, – warning of difficulties which one has probably caused by a hurried decision,
  • try to solve one: one will take part in an enterprise which costs time and money,
  • solve: you will receive an important clarification, – one will receive information,
  • try to solve in vain: you stand before important secrets, – also: one must expect business losses, because annoyance lies before one.


  • solve: you will find out ingratitude.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Riddle

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