dream ribRib announces that one can expect gratitude, – this is valid particularly for the broken rib.


If we can count all our ribs in the dream, we should act in the awake life more for our health. The rib broken in the dream translates the vernacular for the deliberate life that one can cut himself nothing from the ribs that one does not know in a certain matter how one should do them. The Adam’s rib from which Eva was created seems as an archetypal symbol only seldom in dreams, – she points absolutely to sexual, but also on him – overcome – claim of the man to rank before the woman.



(European ones).:

  • see or feel: poverty and misery,
  • promises announced conjugal tiff, –

  • fractured rib, even: one should be on the alert that one did not trust from people those one, it is deceived, – others: one will harvest gratitude, – also: Blessing in disguise have.


    the women symbolise

  • The ribs, – the upper, bigger ones mean the lawful wives, the lower ones the next female relatives.
  • Dreaming somebody that some of the upper big ribs have broken to that will cause the wife bitter grief, whether she is laid low ill or quarrels with him, – these are the lower ribs, bad of the mentioned female relatives will happen to him.
  • Seeming it one, his ribs have become strong and wide, he will live with his wife or his house supervisor happily and contently, – the ribs are same as it were the walls of the house and point to the people who watch over the house, suffer – depending on the ribs damage or strengthen themselves, accordingly it will go out to the guards of the house.
  • Dreaming to one, his main ribs have broken hopelessly, his house supervisor will die come he himself, however, to bad difficulties.
  • becoming strong and strong

  • Being the ribs, will be Having and Property of the dreaming in security, and find the guards of the house his goodwill.
  • break: one will be very grateful to you.

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