A dream about a restaurant speaks of decisions and choices you have made or will have to make. Dreams about restaurants are indicators of social life and how you show emotions to others. They indicate various situations in the family environment. They suggest the need to improve domestic relations. They can also mean that you need to control your spending habits.

If you do not feel comfortable in a restaurant in a dream, it suggests that you may find it difficult to make friends or integrate into some social group.


A restaurant in dreams is closely related to food and relationships with other people. Thus, a dream restaurant is a place where you are looking for stability, balance, affection, and relaxation away from a routine that is becoming tiresome.

Dreambook restaurant

To work in a restaurant

The dream that you work in a restaurant shows how much you enjoy contact with people.

You have a chance to influence people if you know how to listen to advice and warnings. Dreambook suggests that you can be a good boss or manager.

To own a restaurant (to have a restaurant)

A dream about owning a restaurant is related to your personal motivation, the way you work, and satisfying people’s wants and needs. You certainly have the soul of a leader, a boss who manages others well. You know how to motivate, help, and uplift.

To place an order in a restaurant (order a dish)

The dream means that some people are waiting for a decision on a particular issue – do not neglect these people, let them know if you need a little more time to make this decision. Do not delay this moment, it is better to clarify everything as fast as possible.

To pay the bill in a restaurant

A dream in which you discover that you have no money to pay the bill means that you are actually haunted by the fear of not having enough time to do something. Another dream meaning suggests that you fear that your actions are wrong, or harmful.


If you pay for your order without any problem, Dreambook claims that your problems will soon be solved.

A dream about reading a restaurant menu means that you are confused about the different options in a given situation. The dream represents a state of mental confusion. You should relax and take more time to make a decision.

Family dinner at a restaurant (family at a restaurant)

A dream about a family dinner at a restaurant represents the need to share time together with your family. If you have neglected your loved ones lately the dream admonishes you to catch up and in the future remember to find a moment for your loved ones each day.

To be alone in a restaurant

The meaning of the dream about a solitary meal in a restaurant means that you prefer to get away from people, and quiet, perhaps you need an escape into solitude. However, if in your dream you felt sad about eating alone in a restaurant, you long for company, but for some reason, you find it hard to find, or you think you don’t fit in with others.

Crowded restaurant (plenty of people in the restaurant).

If you have a dream in which you are in a restaurant full of people it means that you will finally decide on things that you have been thinking about for a long time. Be firm and defend your opinion.

Empty restaurant

Dreambook explains that your skills have been appreciated by someone and you will soon receive a job offer. If you are already working, the dream foretells favorable changes, such as a promotion or a change to a more favorable position.

Closed restaurant

When you see a closed restaurant in your dream, it means that you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make. Dreambook says that you should not worry. Every decision you make will give you a better life.

Dirty restaurant

The meaning of the dream suggests that your health needs to be taken care of, contact your doctor.


Dirt is always a feature of dreams that warn of health problems, and when it happens in a restaurant, the warning is directed toward food and its absorption by the body and sources of vital energy.

The significance of a dream about a dirty restaurant also suggests that your friends are providing you with toxic thoughts and emotions. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much they are harming you.

Ugly (cheap) restaurant

A dream about a cheap restaurant means that your emotional, professional, or friendship relationships are in crisis. Maybe you’d better rethink your behavior and actions towards other people?

New restaurant

The dream may foretell that you will meet a person who will be able to understand you, and you will stick to him in difficult moments of life. Pay attention to the people around you so you don’t miss out on that special acquaintance.

Popular restaurant

If in your dream you saw or went to a popular restaurant, it is a sign of unexpected profits. Another dream meaning suggests that you are hungry for emotional, spiritual, and intellectual “nourishment”.

This dream speaks of your social and intimate life. You longed to “feed” your soul, emotions, and intellect. It means that the people you are dealing with no longer meet your needs for protection, love, attachment, or support.

Fast food restaurant

A dream about a fast food restaurant suggests that some situations can and should be resolved with skill and agility, as quickly as possible. The dream is also a warning for those who are in a hurry. Dreambook advises: slow down and enjoy the view and what you are experiencing.

Fast food or Snack bar at a bus or train station, means the possibility of leaving. On the other hand, if you are eating at a fast food place in your dream Dreambook states that you are feeling overwhelmed by the choices you have to make or are looking for someone who understands you, other than your family or group of friends.


Exclusive (expensive) restaurant

If the restaurant of your dreams is exclusive, the Dreambook warns: do not spend more than you can. The dream foretells financial problems. Control your spending.

If you dream about an expensive and refined restaurant with an elegant interior and luxurious dishes, and you are not usually eating in such a place, the dream suggests that an important social event may soon take place in your life.

If you dream about eating in an expensive restaurant, where the dishes are exotic and very unusual, it could mean enjoying a good relationship with a close friend.

A dream about being in an expensive restaurant and not having enough money to pay the bill heralds that you will get into a difficult situation caused by your own shortcomings.

Booking a table in a very expensive restaurant foretells positive events in your love life.

Chinese restaurant

When you dream about a Chinese restaurant it means that everything will go well in business and at work. If you are starting your own business or working in a new position, you should also not worry, luck will favor you.

Hotel restaurant

The dream foretells a conflict with relatives or the need for an extended trip. Either way, you are facing a period of loneliness, and distance from relatives and friends. You know whether this is your choice or necessity.

Favorite restaurant

You feel good about the choices and decisions you have made in your life. This dream shows that you have the support of friends and family.


Use your past decisions to determine the next steps in your life, and adjust your strategies and decisions to always get the best. Remain calm.

Dream meaning: restaurant

  • To work in a restaurant – you like contact with people
  • To be a restaurant owner (have a restaurant) – you have the soul of a leader, you know how to motivate others
  • To place an order in a restaurant (order a dish) – make a decision on whom someone is waiting
  • To pay the bill in a restaurant – your problems will soon be solved
  • Restaurant menu – you feel lost, relax
  • Family dinner in a restaurant (family in a restaurant) – make time for your loved ones every day
  • To be alone in a restaurant – you prefer or need to spend some time alone
  • Crowded restaurant (plenty of people in the restaurant) – you will decide on things you have been thinking about for a long time
  • Empty restaurant – favorable job changes will appear
  • Closed restaurant – you feel overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make
  • Dirty restaurant – be careful with your health
  • Ugly (cheap) restaurant – your relationships are in crisis
  • New restaurant – you will meet a special person
  • Popular restaurant – the people you live with no longer meet your needs
  • Fast food restaurant – slow down, enjoy what you have
  • Exclusive (expensive) restaurant – control your spending
  • Chinese restaurant – luck will favor you at work
  • Hotel restaurant – you will get away from loved ones for a while
  • Favorite restaurant – you have the support of friends and family

Mystic Dreambook – restaurant

  • When you see a restaurant in your dream, it foreshadows for you a meeting with friends, perhaps a casual one.
  • If in a dream you are eating in a restaurant, it heralds for you a bad atmosphere at home and arguments with loved ones.
  • If you dream that you are eating dinner in a restaurant, it foretells that you will be able to make a significant fortune fast.
  • When you work in a restaurant in your dream, it is a sign that you will find an asset job and be very satisfied with it.

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