dream rescueIf the dreaming is saved in his dream, this is a significant picture, because he stands from now on in the guilt of the rescuer. If it is the dreaming who saves another person, then this is a tip that he wishes a respect with that. The knight him the virgin saves, stands for the image of the untouched woman who is preserved from her own passion. Rescue can indicate at fear, but also announce a real danger which one may not take lightly.


The rescue from a menacing situation which shows us the vision can absolutely draw the attention to a danger in the awake life, also on an illness which is in the suit. If we ourselves save somebody, however, we can be joyful, because we are maybe recompensed for a special achievement or are distinguished. If the dreaming has endangered other people, it is his job to save them. Then he can prove generosity and bravery what gives him a good feeling and lends him power.



At the spiritual level rescue is understood in the dream in general as the redemption ‘of lost souls’, all the same whether they are on this side or beyond the threshold of the death.



  • even: Esteem for traffic accident, also danger in the business, – also: one needs a determining help, around by a crisis hindurchzukommen,
  • somebody from a danger: The wonderful explain,
  • see themselves with the rescue of a person: one can be certain to have a job of social kind,
  • to itself: your strains are recompensed.

(European ones).:

  • nightmare, – the raised nervous and ill readiness which sends a reminder to the care,
  • are saved: Warning and freeing from menacing danger, particularly accident, even if one should not recognise this danger at the moment yet, – one will need professional help to master a crisis,
  • are saved before the drowning: a bad omen, – one avoids sea voyages,
  • somebody: one has to master a social job and should soon do this, – thanks, recognition or reward, – blessing promise in the business,


  • somebody: you will enjoy honour and respect in your later life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Rescue

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