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In general:

The reading of a book in the dream is a tip to the fact that the dreaming strives for knowledge. A letter tells to read to receive news. A list, about one shopping list, symbolises the need to give order to the life. The reading of the Bible or another religious writing suggests that the dreaming tries to receive access to a religious system.



Till recent times the only means consisted in it to hold on events, to write down them. Reading enables to the person to recall events to the memory to themselves, private recollections and those which are divided with other people.

  • Reading the dreaming in his dream a novel, so he deals with his need for imagination and begins to understand it. Moreover, here the relaxation value is stressed and the educational aspect resonates. If one reads a criminal novel the entertainment value is in the foreground. With non-fiction books the educational value and material value is stressed against it.
  • magazine: If one reads a magazine or a magazine, the stress on the recreational value lies.
  • newspaper: In the newspaper there lies the symbolic salary on the information. – Which inspirations you have to the kind of your holiday reading in the dream

? Subject, contents, charm, purpose?


Reading or the stay in a library represents in the dream often a form of the spiritual knowledge.


The reading learning and writing learning means to one which is not able to do both yet, something good who will be connected, nevertheless, with drudgery and fear – then school beginners are afraid and must slave away, however, learn to her use. If catches somebody whom already read and sell on a tick is able, for the second time with it, one must indicate as quite a bad portent, – then such lessons are intended only for the infancy. So it means shutdown of the shops and in addition fears and tortures. Luck brings it only to one which wishes a son, – not he himself, but his own meat and blood will learn the reading and writing.



  • printed books: pleasant entertainment find, – also: your work does not advance,
  • the written: Satisfaction attain,
  • a letter: you get a refusal,
  • a newspaper: News is carried to you,
  • learn: important shops will come to the shutdown, – are tormented by fears in the personal area,
  • read: peaceful and restful days stand before in those one to themselves can find.

(European ones).:

  • the written: Well-being, – also: if great success forecasts with a dangerous plan or difficultly appearing job,
  • newspaper: you will well make progress in the life,
  • books: you must still learn a lot,
  • try to read a strange writing: one will only escape from enemies if one does not proceed on new black ice,
  • of incoherent read of some texts: stands for worries and disappointments,
  • other observe while reading: one will have well-to-do and educated friends,
  • hold a reading or literature discuss: one will maintain his literary talent,

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