A rape dream has different meanings depending on the situation. It can be a negative harbinger related to your health or a positive, meaning that you will be able to overcome a strong opponent or obstacle.

Dreams involving violence are always considered to augur negative situations in the waking world or to show situations we have forgotten. They can be a way to eliminate tensions and worries.


The meaning of the rape dream also applies to your relationship with the opposite sex. It can also be related to inappropriate behavior in the erotic sphere.

When analyzing dreams in which rape appears, you need to analyze how this fact relates to the real life of this person. Rape can not only be associated with a sexual act but can also refer to an act of violence.

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You see rape

The dream is related to sexual dysfunction or uncertainty about your desire. You may still be searching for your own sexuality.

The dream may also indicate that you will be disappointed in someone you trust a lot. Before judging, clarify everything to avoid misunderstandings.

Dreams involving violent scenes often occur when people have experienced or have just overcome something dramatic, an event, an accident, or a trauma, and usually signify the need to change their lives.

These types of dreams can also be related to a lack of affection from a partner, family, or friends. They also indicate some other kind of deficiency, which may be related to health or well-being.


You are raped (you are a victim of rape)

Such a dream is often described as a nightmare. It is a clear indicator of inner anguish. It can also mean that you fear an attack from a person you know.

The dreamer suggests that it can be considered a projection of a state of mind. For example, if you feel attacked by others, the dream may symbolize a sense of helplessness in the face of aggression from others.

The dream is a sign that you feel that you are not in control of the situation. The dream’s meaning can also be related to difficult and complicated situations. Difficulties hard to overcome will appear in front of you.

It is also a sign that your health needs urgent care.

The dream can also mean that you will emerge victorious from the competition with a powerful enemy and receive a reward for the efforts made in the past.
Another meaning of the dream is related to emotional control in a difficult life situation. Now is the time to take a deep breath and prepare for battle.

The dream also means false friends. Be careful and vigilant, and be especially wary of those who ask a lot of questions about your life.

You witness a rape

The dream may reflect the feeling of being trapped in a situation where you have no chance to do anything. You lack self-esteem. You feel vulnerable and helpless.

This type of dream may be caused by a period of hardship, so the people who appear in it may be the ones you are worried about.


Rape of a friend

The dream is a sign that you will defeat a strong opponent. Another meaning of the dream is related to your friends. The dream means that you are distancing yourself from your friend. Think about what led to this and how to fix it.

The dream may also represent your fear of bad events. Try to relax and do things that make you feel better.

Sexual assault

A dream about sexual assault can indicate a need for freedom and the satisfaction of some desire.

You may be causing harm to loved ones. Sometimes it can be caused by a relationship crisis in real life. The dreamer suggests that such a dream reflects feelings of guilt or feelings of jealousy and revenge. Take a look at your relationships and feelings.

You are a rapist

Take care of your health. The dream also warns that you may be a victim of injustice. Try to be careful in what you do.

Such a dream may indicate a strong desire for revenge against someone who has wronged you. Try to balance your emotions.

Attempted rape

A dream about an attempted rape means that you have doubts about what you want, both in your sexual and professional life. Attempted rape in a dream can also indicate sadistic desires that you are ashamed to reveal.

The pleasure of rape

Some dreams can be considered unconscious revelations of feelings that are repressed. If sex appears in them, they may indicate some fear, as well as a desire that has not yet been fulfilled.


This may be a desire for power or to gain the trust of some person. Dream meanings also refer to the need to defend yourself against people who want to harm you. If you are the aggressor, the dream indicates that, in real life, you are trying to be in control. If YOU have been harmed, the dream indicates the opposite.

If you are a woman, the dream refers to the fear of experiencing new situations that are not necessarily related to the sexual sphere. It may also reflect a fear of being in a relationship or avoiding physical contact.

Another interpretation of the dream suggests that there is likely to be an increase in sexual desire or a need to break from the daily monotony. Perhaps excessive responsibilities or work make you feel the need to feel some pleasure.

When the woman in the dream is the aggressor, it may indicate that she feels anger, for example, because of betrayal. The dream also reflects resentment regarding the person being attacked in the dream. Various types of conflict can be associated with this type of dream, including the desire to destroy something or harm someone.

You are accused of rape

If you dream that you are accused of rape, it means serious consequences of something in the life of someone close to you. It signifies that there will be unexpected news, perhaps coming from intrigue and gossip.

The dreamer indicates that the dream may also reflect guilt or doubt about something.

If you are accused but not guilty in a dream, it means that your plans may be delayed for some reason. When you prove your innocence in a dream, it means you will overcome difficulties that may arise in your life.

Dream meaning: rape

  • You see rape – you will be disappointed in someone you trust a lot
  • You are raped (you are a victim of rape) – you fear an attack from a person you know
  • You witness a rape – you feel vulnerable and helpless
  • Rape of a friend – you overcome a strong opponent
  • Sexual assault – you have feelings of guilt or jealousy
  • You are a rapist – control your emotions
  • Attempted rape – you don’t know what you want in your life
  • Pleasure of rape – you want to defend yourself against people who want to harm you
  • You are accused of rape – there will be unexpected news

Rape – mystical dreamer

  • When you dream that you see rape, it is a sign that you feel terrible in your company because people humiliate, degrade or persecute you in some way. You won’t feel better until you change your surroundings and break contact with these people.
  • If you commit rape in your dream, it warns you of imminent danger.
  • When you are a victim of rape, it is a positive harbinger, foretelling happiness and general prosperity for you.
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