A dream about rain is a sign of spiritual renewal and purification of the soul. The rain in dreams symbolizes female intuition, awakening, and a new worldview.

Rain can signify tears, sadness, or a new stage in life. It is well known that after a storm it is calm, the sun comes out. That is why a dream about rain is usually associated with a strong need to purify one’s inner self.


It is important how you feel awake when it rains because some people feel sad, while others feel good.

Dream interpretation rain

Rainwater (raindrops)

The dream of raindrops shows that dangers that lead to addiction or are dangerous to health should be avoided.

If the waterfalls on the muddy ground, it means you may be in trouble if you get carried away by your thirst. The dream book recommends: Take care of your relationships. May everyday worries not obscure your relatives’ needs.

The rain outside the window

The importance of dreaming about rain involves melancholy, pain, and loneliness.

You are probably uncomfortable with your loneliness. However, you should know that loneliness is the perfect occasion to get to know yourself in depth and test your limits.

Depending on the context of the dream, dreaming of rain may bring you a moment of liberation and may also indicate a feeling of sadness.


Dreaming of rain outside your window may also mean that you are looking for something new because you are tired of everyday life.

Light rain

Dreaming of a light rain means you feel discouraged, you are in a depressed state, and you do not accept the monotony and routine you have to deal with every day.

If the routine has started bothering you a lot, it is better to look for ways to innovate and have fun. Start enjoying life without fear or worry in advance.

Heavy rain

A dream of heavy rain can be a harbinger of financial losses, a risky business. If you are involved in financial projects, take a good look at what you are doing.

Heavy rain in your dream can also indicate changes for the better in your life – especially if you have a recovery plan.

Heavy rain can also signify an emotionally turbulent time, usually of problems in the relationship. It’s up to you to minimize stress and misunderstandings and try to understand others.

A dream about a rainstorm is usually interpreted as a sign of bad luck and a warning of danger, problems, or catastrophe. Try not to let anything surprise you, take no risks, take out insurance, and be careful.

Rain and wind

Dreaming of rain and wind is a warning to pay more attention to the opinion of friends or family. Perhaps you have a problem and don’t want to share it with anyone.


If you trust a friend you know, you can find a quick and effective solution.

If in a dream it was raining and blowing at the same time, this is a warning that in a work-related manner, you must accept the opinion of a friend. Rely on the opinion of a trusted person.

There may be temporary problems in your personal life.

Rain at night

Dreaming of rain at night and getting wet reveals that you will soon be able to feel free of all the problems that overwhelm you in real life.

Seeing the rain at night speaks of forgiveness. It also refers to happiness and love. However, if you plan a trip to the next few days, it’s best to delay your trip.

Rain and mud

Dreaming of rain and mud means that you are going through a disappointment phase in your emotional life. If you feel uncomfortable with something, change the pace of your life and take time for yourself.

Don’t get provoked by people who aren’t interested in your well-being.

It is a rain and mud dream that reveals the presence of something destroying you. It could be a fight with a friend or partner. If you make a mistake, you should put your pride aside and ask for forgiveness because if you don’t, things can get very negative.


Lightning and rain

A storm in your dream may mean that you are following an entirely different path than the one you have planned, which can lead to significant losses in your finances.

Lightning and rain foreshadow that you will have to face many problems at work, so it is important to pay attention to everything happening around you. If you are working on a new project or have a company, it’s time to analyze your activities and, above all, who you work with. These people close may harm you unknowingly.

A hail storm

The dream interpretation states that the hailstorm dream represents your emotional isolation, something that forces you to cut yourself off from people and the world.

If you react to a situation you cannot control, running away from it will not solve the problems. Even if this moment seems complicated, have courage and fight for yourself, don’t let anything stop you on your way to your goal.


The dream indicates that you have deep sadness.

Dreaming of long spells of rain and seeing that the sky is not clear means that you still can’t escape the difficult situation you find yourself in. If you feel well during the dream, you can overcome any failure.

If you get wet during this dream, you probably have a deep fear of failure or that you will not be able to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. If you protect yourself from rain, you should know that there are many problems around you that, although not directly related to you, have a significant impact on you.


A dream of a flood can mean crises in the family or financial losses.


If a flood haunts your home, a dream is a warning so that you do not get carried away by emotions and feelings. If you see a flood ending in a dream, it means the end of all your financial and emotional problems.

Walk in the rain

The rain symbolizes cleansing. So take the opportunity to eliminate everything that bothers you, hurts you, or inhibits your actions.

To dream of a walk in the rain means that you are having in good time, full of happiness. Could you make the most of it?

If you don’t mind getting wet, you are a complacent person. You have the strength to deal with any adverse situation. The coming days will be full of joy and happiness.

Walking or playing in the rain is a happy sign for matters of the heart. However, if someone else was walking or playing in the rain, it is a sign that you must change your surroundings and get out of your routine.


The umbrella dream means you will get financial benefits (salary increase if you are an employee or profit increase if you have your own company).

However, the dream interpretation cautions that if you do not act wisely, the profits or the increase will not improve your life.

Dreaming with an umbrella also indicates a sound stage in your emotional life. If you see someone with an umbrella in a dream, it means that soon an exciting person will appear in your life who can change your plans – and it will do you good.


Rain from the ceiling

Dreaming of raining indoors is how your subconscious mind reveals that there are certain personality traits that you don’t want to reveal.

You feel that displaying these qualities would make you vulnerable because you would show yourself to others as you are, or someone would learn a secret from your past. Consider if this attitude helps you or bothers you?

You can expect a raise at work.

Meteor shower (star shower)

A dream about a meteor shower reveals an intense fear of failure or death. You need to relax, take a break from everyday problems, and take care of your hobbies.

Clear your doubts by talking to someone you trust or a specialist. Act wisely and believe in yourself.

When we see shooting stars, we believe our wishes are fulfilled. According to the Dream Book, a dream about a meteor shower reveals that you are a person full of light, so every wish you think about during this dream will come true in your life.

If you don’t have any wishes while you dream, all the thoughts that come to your mind during the day will gradually come true.

The meaning of a dream is rain

Rainwater (raindrops) – avoid dangerous situations and take care of loved ones


The rain outside – you are tired of everyday life

Fine rain (cabbage soup) – start enjoying life

Downpour – there is an emotionally turbulent period ahead of you. Try to understand others

Rain and wind – pay more attention to the opinion of friends and family

Rain and sun – a lot will happen in your life

Rain at night – you will free yourself from the problems that overwhelm you

Rain and mud – slow down, rest, think about everything

Lightning and rain – be careful at work, act wisely


Hail storm – fight for yourself, do not give up on your plans

Cloud Blast – difficult situations can be overcome

Flood – don’t get carried away

Walk in the rain – get rid of everything that bothers you and inhibits your actions

Umbrella – you have a chance to improve your finances

Rain from the ceiling – you want to hide something from the world

Meteor shower (star shower) – relax, rest, get rid of your fears

dream rainTo dream of being soaked from the rain symbolizes a washing away of your blues and concerns. A dream involving rain may likewise stand for fertility and rejuvenation.


Seeing and hearing rain drops falling symbolizes clemency and grace.

To dream that you are watching the rain from a window represents spiritual thoughts and points of view that are being brought to your consciousness. It may also denote wealth and love.

To hear the tapping of the rain on the roof likewise signifies a realization of spiritual ideas and blessings from a higher spiritual being. It may also represent your blissful family life.

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