dream questionsThe questions which will not can answer themselves in the awake state every now and then in the dream the dreaming answers. Moreover the dreaming his question must visualise before falling asleep. If the dreaming puts questions in his dream, this points to some degree in selfdoubts. If another person puts questions to the dreaming, this shows that to itself the dreaming is in the clear one about the fact that he disposes of valuable knowledge and should transmit it. If a question cannot be answered in the dream, the dreaming must search the answer maybe in the awake state.


Spiritual questions and brisk lead not least to bigger knowledge.




  • (hear asking themselves a lot): is not curious.

(European ones).:

  • the salaries of a thing question: a beloved person of the infidelity suspect, – worry about own speculations,
  • put one: seriously try for the truth and, besides to, be successful,
  • are questioned: one is treated unfairly, – obstacle omen,
  • are questioned and satisfyingly can answer: everything will be in order.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Questions

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