A dream about earrings

Earrings in a dream indicate the need to focus on yourself in real life, prompting self-esteem.

A dream about earrings can also refer to paying more attention to what others want to say to you.


Earrings dreambook

To see earrings

When you dream of seeing earrings, you should work on your relationship. Strengthen the relationship and try to take more care of your partner.

The dream also indicates a strong trait of your personality. It speaks of a charismatic person, able to adapt to different life situations.

When you see earrings in a dream, it can also be a call to use your strong qualities to achieve success.

To wear earrings (earrings in the ears)

Wearing earrings in a dream signifies self-confidence. It is also a sign of wealth and prosperity.

According to the Dreambook, it is an omen of good news. You also have a chance for an interesting job. The dream foretells doing a good business. Maybe it will be a successful investment, purchase, or exchange.

The meaning of the dream symbolizes your conduct. It means you act correctly, using your best qualities to your advantage.


The dreambook points out that paying attention to what others say about you is also important. Try to listen more and speak less. The dream may indicate that you are ignoring important information.

To try on earrings

If you try on earrings in your dream, it means a harbinger of success in waking life.

Your actions are heading in the right direction. Do not give up and pursue your goal.

To buy earrings

The dream shows your desire for someone you love to reciprocate your feelings.

Start finally expressing what you feel. Show your emotions. Your secretiveness complicates many situations.

To lose earrings

According to the dreambook, the dream means you shouldn’t get your hopes up about someone or something you think plenty about. The results of your efforts may not be what you imagined.

Another dream meaning may suggest that you will soon find a new love.

To find earrings

The dream foretells profit and benefits.


Perhaps it will be some amount of money – additionally received or earned. The dream may also refer to some material things, objects, or inheritance.

To receive earrings

It is a sign of good news if you dream that someone gives you earrings.

It is quite possible that you will receive a good job offer. If you are already working, there will be an offer that will give you plenty more benefits than your current occupation.

To give someone earrings

The dream means that you are trying to reconcile with the gifted person.

It is a sign of reconciliation, a desire to seek understanding and agreement.

Old earrings

Old earrings in dreams mean that you should pay more attention to someone who wants to convey something important to you.

It may turn out that this person is afraid to open up to you or does not know how to approach you to gain your interest.

Damaged earring

The dream means that loved ones are jealous of how you act and live, which can bring you bad energy.


Look around you. Always try to keep positive thoughts and cut yourself off from those who influence you badly. Jealousy of others can destroy your efforts and disturb your peace of mind.

Large earrings

A dream about large earrings signifies plenty of success in your life.

It symbolizes that you will soon have an excellent opportunity to make money – don’t miss this moment!

Silver earrings

The dream means good luck. According to the Dreambook, it can mean fortune or success in business.

Another meaning of the dream can be interpreted as the emergence of new opportunities. This is usually related to the professional aspect.

Pearl earrings (made of pearls)

A dream about pearl earrings suggests that someone is giving you important tips based on their experience and knowledge. The dream’s meaning indicates that you are receiving wise advice that you should follow.

Another meaning of the dream refers to the need for reflection. In this case, the voice of reason must dominate over emotions. Be more flexible and open to new possibilities.

If you dreamed about pearl earrings, it might foreshadow pregnancy.


Crystal earrings

A dream about crystal earrings symbolizes some good quality that you want others to notice in you.

Seeing a crystal in a dream signifies honesty, purity, maturity, growth, and unity.

Gold earrings

If you dreamed about gold earrings, everything indicates that what you want will come true. The dream also shows that you have the strength to overcome any obstacle and solve the most challenging problems.

A gold earring may also indicate that you will find an influential person who will be a reason for happiness and joy.

The dream indicates that your desires will be fulfilled. A dream about earrings of gold is also associated with solving complex problems.

The dream also indicates that you are a valued person, both by friends and family.

Gemstone earrings

The dream can be directly related to wealth.

It augurs well for investments that can bring profits. You may now receive favorable offers of work, cooperation, or investment.


Black earrings

Dreaming about black earrings is associated with mystery.

The dreambook advises that you should be honest and finally reveal your secret. Keep calm and think of the best way to tell it.

Dream meaning: earrings

  • To see earrings – strengthen relationships and care more about your partner
  • To wear earrings (earrings in the ears) – expect good news and improvement in your financial situation
  • To try on earrings – you are moving towards your goal
  • To buy earrings – finally, start expressing what you feel, show your emotions
  • To lose earrings – you will find a new love
  • To find earrings – expect profit, material benefits
  • To receive earrings – good news will change your life for the better
  • To give someone earrings – you are trying to reconcile with someone
  • Old earrings – pay more attention to someone who wants to convey something important to you
  • Damaged earring – try to keep positive thoughts, cut yourself off from those who have a bad influence on you
  • Large earrings – you will have the opportunity to make money
  • Silver earrings – there will be new financial opportunities or success in business
  • Pearl earrings (made of pearls) – you will receive wise advice that you should follow
  • Crystal earrings – you want others to notice the good in you
  • Gold earrings – you have the strength to overcome any obstacle and solve the most difficult problems
  • Gemstone earrings – you may receive favorable offers of work, cooperation, or investment
  • Black earrings – you should be honest and finally reveal your secret

Earrings – mystical dreambook

  • If you see earrings in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon make a new acquaintance with some woman.
  • If you dream that you received earrings as a gift, it is a sign that you will soon enjoy great popularity in company.
  • If you see earrings made of non-precious metal, it is a sign that in waking life, you have a dull personality or model yourself on those around you without a clear personality.
  • Gold earrings signal that you are a very noble person with an outstanding personality.
  • Silver earrings are a sign that you are characterized by great inconstancy and have a changeable character in waking life.
  • If you lost earrings in your dream, it is a sign that you will end something in your life that did not affect you well, and the change will be very positive for you.
  • Finding earrings foretells some kind of gain for you.
  • Broken earrings appearing in your dream mean you are the object of gossip in your surroundings.
  • Buying and wearing earrings in a man’s dream is a warning not to engage recklessly in some love adventure. A woman’s dream warns her to be careful how she behaves in company, as she may commit some gaffes.
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