A dream about dogs usually means something positive, because this animal represents loyalty, companionship and protection. Dogs have always had a caring and protective function and a friendly relationship with humans. However, there are those who love dogs and those who dislike or fear them. All this should be taken into consideration when interpreting the dream.

Dream Meaning of a Puppy

The sight of a dog in a dream symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection and faithfulness. The dream may suggest that your values and good intentions will bring you success.


Dogs in dreams can be seen as protectors, guides, symbols of loyalty. Seeing a dog in a dream can also indicate inner conflict or betrayal.

Buying a puppy

If you dreamt of buying a dog, the dream may be a sign of your tendency to buy everything, but remember that you cannot pay for everything or gain friendship and affection in this way.

Puppy walking towards you

If you saw a dog running towards you in your dream, it could mean that you have to overcome a difficult situation. Use your intelligence and life experience and you will overcome problems.

Walking with a puppy

The dreamer is suggesting that you have some problems to solve. Don’t put them off, as they can grow quickly and cause more and more complications in your life.

A puppy chases you

If a puppy chases you in your dream, the dream may indicate obstacles and problems that will require a lot of strength and focus to overcome. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it.

Bathing a puppy

If you dreamed of bathing your dog, the dream may indicate your generosity and loyalty.
Another meaning of the dream is that someone needs your help. Don’t be afraid to offer it.


Feeding a puppy

If you dream that you are feeding a dog, this dream can indicate your determination and independence. It can also indicate that you are caring and concerned about others, especially children.

Barking puppy

If you heard a dog barking in your dream, it may be a sign that you will encounter negative and unfortunate situations. Try to avoid sensitive subjects.

If you heard several dogs barking in your dream, the dreamer notes that you have recently been grumpy and annoying people around you with your behavior. Perhaps this dream indicates that you are yelling at others, or that some friends are complaining about you.

If you dreamed that your own dog was barking at you, it is likely that other people are jealous of your social status and wealth.

A happy barking dog is a very good sign, indicating social gatherings and pleasure.

Puppy chasing its own tail

The dream may mean that you have failed to deal with a situation. You may be wasting too much time on trivial matters. Think about how to solve the problem effectively.

Playing with a puppy

You will meet someone special and become best friends.

If you were playing with several puppies in the dream, the dreamer warns that you are being selfish towards others. Think of yourself.


Puppy licking your hand

If a dog licks your hand in a dream, it can mean that you have great friends. It can also predict that you will find a good job or get a promotion.

Puppy under the door (lying on the threshold)

If you see a dog lying on the threshold of your door, this dream can mean a visit from someone you respect and admire. The visit will be a pleasant surprise.

Friendly (happy) puppy

This dream means that your life is calm and harmonious. It could be inner peace or that you feel safe in a certain environment or company. The dreamer realizes that your calmness and friendliness attract other people to you, that you have good friends and partners. The meaning of this dream is that you have loyal people around you. You are lucky because people really appreciate and love you. Respect this and show them your gratitude.

A puppy bites someone

The dream indicates that you need to be more careful or responsible. You feel the need to protect yourself. The meaning of the dream can represent your vulnerability in some area of your life. It can also represent some kind of worry.

If you dream of a dog biting someone, it means that you are worried about someone. It can also represent feelings of guilt, frustration or inability to help. It can also represent financial difficulties.

If you dreamt of a dog biting you or someone you know, it could mean conflicts and lack of understanding with your partner or work colleague.

If you dreamt of your own dog, the dream warns you of losses. This could be a consequence of your previous rash decisions.

If a puppy bites your leg, it may indicate a loss of ability to restore balance in your life. It may also indicate hesitation in making new decisions.


If a dog bites your hand, the dream may be a sign of someone being disloyal to you.

Attacking puppy

The dream can be a metaphor for your fears and desires. It may allude to some kind of danger or worry that you are experiencing. There is a disagreement between people you care about.

Another meaning of the dream can be explained as a manifestation of anger, pain or irritation stored deep in the heart. It is important to consider what the problem is and to start dealing with it.

Howling puppy

If you heard a dog howling in your dream, this dream may indicate a separation or breakup with someone close to you. It could be an emergency, or it could be the result of something that has been going on for a long time, such as a conflict.

Puppy colors

Black puppy

A dream about a black puppy symbolizes betrayal, infidelity, deception, breach of trust between partners or friends.

Another meaning of the dream is sadness, depression and feelings of loneliness. The dreamer suggests to be more careful with the people around you. Let your intuition guide you.

White puppy

A dream about a white dog has a very positive meaning. The white color represents peace, harmony and purity. For those who are starting a relationship or entering a new environment, chances are they will have successful and long-lasting relationships.

Dream Meaning of Puppy

  • Buying a puppy – remember that you can’t buy everything
  • A puppy walking towards you – you have to overcome a difficult situation
  • Walking with a puppy – you have some problems to solve
  • Puppy chasing you – focus and you will overcome problems
  • Bathing a puppy – someone needs your help
  • Feeding a puppy – you are caring and concerned about others
  • Puppy barking – you will encounter unfortunate situations
  • Puppy chasing its own tail – you waste too much time on petty matters
  • Playing with puppy – you will meet a true friend
  • Puppy licking your hand – you have great friends
  • Puppy at the door (lying on the threshold) – someone will visit you
  • Friendly (happy) puppy – people appreciate and love you
  • Puppy biting someone – be more careful and responsible
  • Attacking puppy – you have anger or fear in you
  • Howling puppy – you will separate from someone close to you
  • Black puppy – be careful of people around you
  • White puppy – you have a chance for a long-term relationship

dream puppyPuppy symbolises spontaneity, innocence, confidence and affection, – mostly one is asked not to reject friendly obligingness of other people.




  • beginning of a big friendship.

(European ones).:

  • one will help innocently from the bad luck presecuted people and harvest for it gratitude, – also: an invitation for a happy party, – one would be amused with the people there, but is not intimate,
  • they are high-spirited: one may be glad about strong friendship gang and growing wealth,
  • mickerig: there threaten losses.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Puppy

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