A dream about a prison means that you feel confined by situations in your life. The dream may represent the fear you feel, the feeling of being a slave, or the desire to get rid of something negative.

Dream meaning Prison

Going to prison (being sentenced)

A dream about going to jail can mean that you are being persecuted by your boss and that you may feel forced to do something you don’t want to do or don’t like.


Another interpretation of this type of dream is that you feel trapped in some situation. People may not listen to you or accept your ideas, and you feel that your actions are in vain.

Being in prison (being a prisoner, seeing a prison)

If you dream that you are in prison, it means unrequited love. Someone loved you, but you ignored it and realized it.

Another meaning of the dream is that you are in a toxic relationship. It is time to get out of it.

Dreaming that you are in prison may mean that you are blaming yourself for something. The dream could also be a form of punishment you are giving yourself. You are being too hard on yourself.

According to the dreamer, such a dream can also foretell great difficulties, but everything is surmountable.

Being unjustly imprisoned

If you were unjustly imprisoned in a dream, it means that you need to make changes in your life when you wake up. The dreamer also notes that there may be speculation about you. You may also experience a fear of failure.


If you have been sentenced to life imprisonment, it means good earnings.

If you witness an unjust arrest in a dream, it means the need for change. This can apply to any area of your life – love, career, friendships. Don’t be afraid of failure or feeling hurt, do what needs to be done.

Life imprisonment, life imprisonment

The dream is a sign of good news and means that you will make profits. But it is also a warning: be careful not to be deceived.

To visit someone in prison (vision)

If you dream of visiting someone in prison, whether he is known to you or not, it means that you are afraid of losing your freedom in some area of your life. Perhaps you are about to move in with someone, get married, take on new responsibilities at work and are worried about losing your autonomy. You can count on loyal and honest friends.

Other people in prison

The dream can mean the end of freedom or the fear of being deprived of it.

Another meaning of the dream may be a vision of your feelings, such as loneliness or guilt about what you have done. Repair the damage and you will regain peace of mind.

Friend in prison

A dream about a friend in prison means that this person is strong and important in your life. Tell them about it and appreciate their presence.

Another meaning of this dream is to warn you about risks. Be careful of those around you.


A boyfriend in prison

The dream can mean the loss of a valuable friendship.

Another meaning of the dream is that you want to solve your personal or professional problems. Find ways until they work out.

Family member in prison

The dream means that you have difficulty expressing yourself freely. Perhaps a family member is constantly criticizing you. Talk to them and tell them openly how you feel.

Animal in prison

The dreamer assures you that bad things are far from you. Perhaps you will help someone very important in your life, which will have a significant impact on your future.

Escape from prison

Dreaming about escaping from prison can mean that you want to get rid of something or someone that is bothering you. The dreamer assures you that you will succeed very quickly.

This dream can also represent your repressed emotions. Gain confidence and trust in yourself.

Because you feel trapped or limited, you feel that you are wasting your talents. Some situation is preventing you from getting or having the time to do something you enjoy and know you are good at.

You want to break free from something that’s holding you back in real life, whether it’s a relationship, a friendship, or a job. Fight for the freedom to be you!


Getting out of jail

This dream means that you want new things in your life and that you will take steps to make them happen.

Another meaning of this dream is to start a good business.

If you dream that a person you know is getting out of jail, it means that your relationship with that person has been limited and now you have a chance to change this situation.


A dream in which you see a pair of handcuffs is a clear sign that you should not get involved in other people’s disputes. If you are handcuffed, it is a sign that you will be freed from any trouble.

Seeing another person in handcuffs means that there will be changes in your life that will bring you great happiness, but you must restrain your emotions.

Dream Meaning: Prison

  • To go to prison (be sentenced) – you feel imprisoned
  • To be in prison (to be a prisoner, to see a prison) – you blame yourself for something
  • To be imprisoned unjustly – you need to make changes in your life
  • To be imprisoned for life – you will make gains
  • Visiting (seeing) someone in prison – you are afraid of losing your freedom, your liberty
  • Other people in prison – you have feelings of guilt
  • A friend in prison – you don’t want to take any risks
  • Boyfriend in prison – you want to solve your problems
  • Family member in prison – you can’t express yourself freely
  • Animal in prison – you want to help someone
  • Escape from prison – you want to get rid of something, you feel trapped
  • Getting out of prison – you want new challenges
  • Handcuffs – don’t get involved in other people’s problems

Mystic dream meaning – prison

This symbol may mean that on waking you desire to free yourself from some restrictions.

The meaning of the dream prison

If you see a prison in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that you have nothing to worry about when you wake up, because you are certainly not in any danger.

If you dream that you are in prison, it foretells that you will be disappointed by a loved one.


If you dream that you are in prison innocently, it foretells that someone will treat you very suspiciously.

If you have been released from prison, it foretells that you will soon start a new phase of your life.

If you dream that you have escaped from prison, it foretells good fortune for you.

If you see a friend in jail in your dream, it means you want to be completely independent when you wake up.

If you see someone in jail in your dream, it foretells that you will soon celebrate an important event with your family.

dream prisonWho is locked up in it, begins a fresh start, mostly it is the easy life for which he longed for a long time. It would have to become clearer from other symbols whether one can become happier in this new period of life.



  • indicates at daring and dangerous personalities, – also: you have law-contrary wishes and thoughts.

(European ones).:

  • one is an in selfdebt or from other brought on compulsive situation,
  • means a danger from which one can easily escape, nevertheless,
  • see one: one will receive a little tempting offer,
  • in one be locked up: if freeing from a joyless situation promises.


  • you will come to an unclear situation,
  • in it be: Rescue from danger.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Prison

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