pregnancy dream meaning


Dreaming of pregnancy can mean different situations and events, such as fear of becoming pregnant, caring for children, wanting to be a parent, or growing up.

Perhaps it is time to rethink your life goals and plan your future again.


Dream meaning pregnancy

Seeing someone pregnant

A dream about a pregnant woman usually means a project or dream that you want to realize. The dream interpretation suggests that this is an excellent time to focus on your goal.

Dreaming of an unknown person’s pregnancy may mean that you will get pregnant yourself, or put your dreams and projects aside by imagining that this is not the time to think about it.

A dream indicates that you are not satisfied with something in your life. It means a lack of confidence in your abilities and abilities. It may also indicate that you will receive news in the coming days and need to gather strength to seize the opportunity.

Being pregnant

If you are pregnant in real life and trying to get pregnant in a dream, it probably symbolizes a desire to develop.

What do dreams of being pregnant mean?

If you dream that you are pregnant – just like when you are awake – the dream means that you create or develop something, e.g., you have a new idea, a new project, or setting new goals. Focus on the process – stages of pregnancy.

Dreaming pregnancy can also mean that your dreams are looking for fulfillment.


If you are not pregnant or even planning to have a baby in real life, dreaming about your pregnancy can mean changes. It is probably the perfect time to make your dreams come true, change your lifestyle or work, start a family.

be pgregnant dream mean

Mom’s pregnancy

Dream promises significant changes in your life. They will be positive, perhaps also long-awaited. They will significantly affect your family life.

Daughter’s pregnancy

A dream in which your daughter is pregnant foreshadows good news that is important for your family. Dream indicates the need to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Sister’s pregnancy

A dream about a pregnant sister means the happiness of your loved ones. It can also mean success at work in implementing plans and dreams.

A family member is pregnant

Dreaming of a pregnant relative (aunt, cousin) shows your feelings for her. It is a good sign because it tells you that he will achieve the good you desire.

Friend’s pregnancy

A friend’s pregnancy may symbolize fear of something growing in your thoughts. It may be a feeling, a situation, a problem. Pay attention to your life. What do you attach more importance to? What can cause such anxiety?

A dream about a pregnant friend who is not pregnant while awake means that you are changing, entering a new phase, changing your personality, thinking about something new, and it will bring you good results in the future. Show others your ideas and personality.

pregnancy dream interpretation

Your partner’s pregnancy

To dream of a girl’s pregnancy indicates that a man will make unexpected profits from his work. Dream foreshadows moments of prosperity, improvement in life qua, and the fulfillment of many dreams.


Dreaming of your girlfriend’s pregnancy may also indicate that you will receive an inheritance.

The pregnant man

If you dream of male pregnancy, it is associated with excesses, misconduct, or a sense of superiority. Be careful how you lead your life.

If you are a man, it is a sign that something is wrong in your life. Focus and pay more attention to details, take care of your surroundings and yourself. Dreams can also mean that you feel better than other people. Dream interpretation advises less arrogance and a little humility.

Pregnancy test

The importance of pregnancy test dream may be closely related to your life, i.e., it may be an expression of fear and anxiety about pregnancy or, on the contrary, readiness, and willingness to become a mother. A dream can also indicate something new in your life, such as a new job or relationship, something you’ve been looking for with significant commitment.

Pregnancy with twins

Dreaming of a twin pregnancy means that everything will go well in your life, both in your personal and professional life. Whatever you plan or do, it will get good results.

Another meaning of dream is that everything that will happen to you in your life now will be double strengthened.

Baby’s movements in the belly

Dream may be related to your emotional maturation. You are aware of your feelings. Feeling your baby’s movements in your dream may mean that you are beginning to feel emotions that have been deeply hidden until now.

Hugging a pregnant woman

To dream that you have hugged a pregnant woman means that you know how to enjoy the good moments as they arise. The projects you are working on should be approved.


Dreaming of a pregnant woman who feels terrible is a warning for her to pay more attention to the professional environment and her relatives.

Unwanted pregnancy

The dream that you are pregnant that you do not want may reflect your natural fears, but it may also reflect a sense of denial of a fact in your life that you have to face and wish to avoid at all costs. This situation can cause stress, anguish, or anxiety

pregnancy in dream

Interrupted pregnancy

A dream about an aborted pregnancy can mean the end of a project, a failure of efforts. It may be a good idea to prepare for the inevitable and create a plan B.


Dreaming of abortion may indicate a problem, failure, unforeseen consequences. Take care of what you do, pay attention to details, double-check everything.

Unwanted pregnancy

Dreaming of unwanted pregnancy, especially if you live in a loving relationship, shows that you are subconsciously trying to break out of it and do not see any hope for a future together. Think carefully about the situation.

An imaginary pregnancy

Dream may indicate that something in your life will be interrupted. Such a dream indicates deception, error, false statements. Pay special attention to everything you do, analyze the conditions of your work and your relationship.


Childbirth in a dream is a sign of new beginnings: projects, plans, tasks, life roles. Suppose the childbirth proceeds without complications, then according to the Dream book. In that case, it is a sign that their implementation will be successful if there are complications – in real life, problems may arise during the implementation of new tasks.

Dreams About Pregnancy – Meaning and Interpretation

  • Seeing someone pregnant – you put your dreams and projects aside
  • Beeing pregnant – you want to develop, make your dreams come true
  • Mom’s pregnancy – significant changes are coming
  • Daughter’s pregnancy – expect good news
  • Sister pregnancy – your loved ones will be happy
  • Pregnancy of a relative – something good will happen to your relative
  • Friend’s pregnancy – you are afraid of something
  • Girl pregnancy – you will get unexpected profits
  • Pregnant man – think about your behavior
  • Pregnancy test – something new will appear in your life
  • Twin pregnancy – expect a double effect
  • You feel the baby in your belly – you feel the hidden emotions
  • Hugging a pregnant woman – you know how to enjoy the good times
  • Unwanted pregnancy – you want to hide something, get away from something
  • Interrupted pregnancy – prepare plan B
  • Abortion – problems may arise
  • Unwanted pregnancy – you would like to end your relationship with your partner
  • Imaginary pregnancy – something will stay
dream pregnancy

To dream of taking a pregnancy test may augur a new stage in your life such as a new job or relationship. These changes in your life will test your ability to adapt and act on matters at hand.


Alternatively, your dream may be an actual expression of anxiety, fear, and worry about getting someone pregnant or being pregnant yourself.

Islam dream meaning – pregnancy

If this motif appears in a woman’s dream – she dreams that she is pregnant, it symbolizes that soon, significant changes will occur in her life, mainly because she will manage to fulfill some vital dreams or even more of them. Quantity.

  • If she dreams that her pregnancy is in danger, it is a sign that she cannot cope with some serious trouble on her own, with which she is faced with reality, and she subconsciously knows that she should ask for help from her friends.
  • When a woman dreams of giving birth to a fish, it is an unfavorable sign for the future, but it is not known precisely what it may be about.
  • And if he dreams of giving birth to an eagle, it is an announcement that the son he will give birth to in the future will be mentally powerful and will have a predisposition to exercise power.
  • If you dream that you see a pregnant woman, it is a sign of improving your financial situation, perhaps even very significantly.

Dream about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a fantastic condition for a pregnant woman and her partner and those close to her; it is a significant experience. This means that pregnancy often appears in our dreams and, at the same time, always makes a big impression on us because it means a significant change.

On the other hand, childbirth usually raises a lot of concern in us because it is associated with some risk, and certainly also pain, and unfortunately not always ends positively; such dreams in which childbirth occurs also evoke many emotions, typically very different.

Moreover, such dreams typically surprise us, for example, when they happen to people who do not plan to have a child, and it appears that they are not justified. In addition, sometimes they are extraordinary; for example, we may dream that we are giving birth to a strange child, for example, a monster. Typically the birth ends with the appearance of an object. All this is strange and may seem absurd to us, but it has its meaning. Interestingly, dreams about being pregnant or giving birth also happen to men. Still, they are usually entirely downplayed by them as complete nonsense, and probably not many men will admit to such a dream in front of someone.

Interpreting dreams about pregnancy and childbirth

Plan all other matters. There is nothing strange in this if dreams of pregnancy and childbirth appear in people who are just expecting a baby or want to have one because it is evident that they typically think about it. This thought typically occupies their attention, pushing them further away. Such dreams allow the dreamers to confront the fears that all future parents are struggling with because it is evident that having a child is a great responsibility, and everyone is afraid of it to some extent. In addition, the arrival of a child is a great novelty and a giant change that must be accepted and not easy for everyone. Sometimes these fears are depicted in a way that causes even greater fear in dreamers; for example, some problems arise during childbirth, the child is born sick, deformed, or even dies. However, these are not warnings about events that will take place, and you should never approach it this way because you can only stress yourself unnecessarily. Our subconscious only attempts to show us various variants of the situation that awaits us to relieve tension when we experience it while awake. Research shows that women who dreamed of this event before birth are less stressed during their waking hours and endure it more quickly, so one should enjoy such dreams rather than look for bad omens in them and get upset about them.

What It Means To Dream About Pregnancy

On the other hand, if dreams about pregnancy and childbirth appear in people who are not concerned with the above issues, they mean significant changes in our lives, either personally or professionally, and always on critical issues. Sometimes we can expect them, and in other cases, our unconscious mind anticipates them. We are afraid that what will happen soon in our life or has already started happening will do us good. It can also be an expression of our fear of these changes, which show a seed of doubt in us – we do not know whether we will cope with the new situation, whether we have made the appropriate choice.

Interpreting dreams about pregnancy and childbirth according to Freud

Freud believed that dreams of pregnancy and childbirth should not be taken as signs of waking desires to have a baby. He considered entirely different symbols, such as falling out teeth and underwater channels that appeared in dreams, as a sign of this.


Interpreting dreams about pregnancy and childbirth according to Jung

Jung considered childbirth as a kind of metaphor which meant that the dreamer would soon discover new, hitherto unknown aspects of his personality.

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