dream poisonAssociation: – devastating actions or thoughts. Question: – What does not feed me any more?

In general:

If poison plays a role in a dream, this is called that the dreaming should avoid a certain setting, a feeling or a thought which is not well for him. In the surroundings of the dreaming exists the influence which he must avoid now as well as in future. This can be, for example, an envy and malice what refers either to own behaviour or to the other person. In general poison of negative from own unconscious or negative influence from the environment embodies.



This dream symbol can enclose all things which oppose against the legal feeling or the values of the dreaming. Often will poison with this vision hostility, wickedness or negative thoughts, feelings or actions, virtually the atmosphere, shown.

    • The settings and religious positions more different can poison the way of thinking and the kind of the feeling with a sensitive person. This can be shown in the dream as a poison.

one would like to remove

    • Giving one in the dream somebody poison, in the awake life maybe tiresome competitors from the way.

we should take

  • Giving to us another poison, before those in eight, against ourselves from poisons.
  • Indian researchers thought that one is released from heavy illness if one gets poison in the dream.


At this level is all poison what could block spiritual making headway of the dreaming or prevent.


A fatally working poison means the same like the death. Also one must judge about injurious creatures and Gewürm which kills fast. Thus somebody dreamt, Pan says him: ‘Your woman will pass to you poison by X which is your friend and narrow friend.’ Now though his marriage half gave to him no poison, however, it can be enticed just by that man by whose closing she would poison her husband after the saying, – then adultery and Giftmischerei occur in the confidential, and one calls both posters, and neither the adulteress nor the poisoner loves her man. Consequently the woman soon separated from her man, – then the death dissolves all connections, however, the poison has the same meaning like the death.



    • others see taking: become ill,
    • mix: one bangs bad about you,
    • give: your behaviour is wrong, you make only enemies,

to yourself

  • take: Ingratitude harvest and, hence, find out mental grief, – also: you lose the patience, and, nevertheless, the bad time is for you to an end, – also: one will be probably made add something disagreeable,
  • give to others: a death threatens in the family,
  • poison a person: one is seriously considering lying to somebody.

(European ones).:

  • the thoughts are clouded, – one must be careful with plans and plans,
  • take: if grief, ingratitude and disgrace registers, – danger in view, – also: one will add of necessity a disagreeable state of affairs, a mistake or a weakness must reveal,
  • take something toxic: one should watch out to lend money,
  • to take from somebody got: Warning of financial loss on account of the dishonesty of a person whom one trusts,
  • under supervision of a doctor Strychnin or other toxic drugs take: one will concern a perilous enterprise,
  • are poisoned: be put out very soon to a negative influence,
  • try to poison others: one will be guilty because of his base thoughts, – the world will have conspired in own eyes against one,
  • give somebody: you will get in need and misery,
  • takes another poison: Monetary things stand under a good star,
  • relatives or children are poisoned: Wrong from absolutely unexpected spring find out,
  • was poisoned a rival or enemy: one will overcome obstacles,
  • one recovers from a poison poster: one will succeed after big worries,
  • work with it: Illness, – also: it will surround to one a disagreeable atmosphere,
  • throw away: by own strains discontented circumstances overcome,
  • many poison plants see: spiteful people load the soul,
  • Dreaming a young woman that she wants to rid herself by means of poison of a rival will have them problems to win her lover for itself.

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