dream picturesAs a dream symbol pictures are a reflexion, or subjective consideration of the reality. Such a dream sometimes warns against coming along from somebody ‘a wrong picture’ and against reacting to him (only according to this misjudgement). It would be important to remember in whom or what the picture has shown! Also the state of the picture can be as important like his colours. In the dream a picture is as a rule the illustration of a period of life. Picture (photograph, painting) often expresses that one strives for more self-knowledge to round the picture of himself or to correct.

    on this occasion,

  • Being it a selfpainted picture, then it can be about very deep feelings or thoughts concerning a person or a life fact.
  • Trading it to itself around the painting of an old master, so it is possibly a tip to the setting which the dreaming has to the past.
  • The pictures of known people (how parents, friends) can announce after the interpretation of old dream books quick help in the need or news. However, these are mostly the people with whom one deals in thoughts.
  • Many pictures promise a forthcoming honour, recognition, admiration or more respect.
  • Seeing one the portrait of a person in the dream, one would like to make to himself a picture of somebody whom one maybe is himself.
  • the unconscious a certain mental desperation plays

  • Being it a caricature, in the awake state over.
  • this is

  • Seeing one itself in a picture, a sign that one deals too much with himself.
  • Seeing one own picture stand nicely framed before himself, something deals with our vanity.
  • one hangs up

  • a picture, one will receive a long missing recognition.
  • the pictures which fall down from the wall are a bad sign. They always forecast something disagreeable.


An icon or a representation with spiritual meaning.



  • with a male portrait see: Annoyance,
  • (as a man) nice with flowers or a nice woman see: you will fall in love,
  • see the nice regional: glad future,
  • nice with foreign family scenes see: good marriage,
  • see the ugly: Annoyance and malice,
  • be see own or sign: long life,
  • the damaged or dirty: Misfortune,
  • hang up a nice one: your salaries will attract attention and recognition,
  • hang up a reminiscent picture with people: good friends think of you with love,
  • decrease from a wall: unpleasant events will rob you of the rest, – ingratitude,
  • drop from the wall: a death in the family,
  • shop: you will found own home,
  • paint: you will enter a connection,
  • carve: you will have to learn a lot,
  • frame: You will inhabit a house which Li> to you hears,
  • destroy: evil approaches you,
  • see in the mirror: Illness,
  • of the bridegroom or the bride: Resolution of the engagement,
  • adore: Grief,
  • receive given: you come to honour,
  • give away: Frustration and sadness,
  • of children, women and friends: you will hear good news.

(European ones).:

  • in search of to a clear picture of himself or from others be,
  • look: indicates disadvantages,
  • hang up: Honour,
  • hang up in own flat: a weak mind have, can be easily dissuaded from the way,
  • decrease: Annoyance,
  • one or several of the wall fall: Misfortune or something disagreeable come up on, – sometimes a separation or a bereavement,
  • the picture of a related or known person falls for no reason from the wall: Announcement of an illness or even a death of this person,
  • break: Infidelity,
  • destroy: it will pull to you that you would like to put through your rights,
  • with vigorous means

  • pictures they appear: if deceptions and bad intentions of your people forecast, – work without profit, – warns about insidiousness of a person whom you trust,
  • be see own or give away: meant according to the appearance health or illness, – also: Signs for big egoism, however, also success and luck,
  • see appear to her own in a tree and disappearing again: be well-to-do and contented, – nevertheless, with the search for friends and their understanding for your ideas and plans you are disappointed,
  • that of children, women or friends see: brings news,
  • of late parents or friends see: Freeing from an oppressive situation, help or support,
  • several people on one see: these are mostly people with whom one often deals in thoughts,
  • of people see from whom one suffers or has suffered: one is too afraid and unsafe,
  • many pictures see: if honour or an honour tells in,
  • even one paint: take part in enterprises involving heavy losses,
  • by the pictures of the big old and modern masters be surrounded: it does you an insatiable urge and wish for higher, – in comparison with that, your present success will look miserable.


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