dream parkIf we park our car, we would like to insert on the life maybe them long ago deserving break. If we park in spite of a ban sign, we want to put through in the awake life our will, although reason dagegensprechen.


A small nightmare and almost like in the life: One turns his rounds and looks and looks in vain. Then once again and once again… (and then you have woken). A frequent dream in which the discontent with the present life situation expresses itself. It is about the wish to come, finally, after ‘many detours’ – ‘to be able to remain’ then also and to come to the (internal) rest, for for a while at least. The dream deals less with free parking bays than rather with a deep longing for this ‘one and only right’ love relationship in which one feels emotionally and emotionally ‘at home’. Who dreams long in vain of it, dreams of it.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Park

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