dream paperPaper is one of those visions whose interpretation depends on the respective circumstances in the life of the dreaming. If about one student dreams of paper, this refers to the fact that he must look after his study, – a mailman dreams of paper, this can symbolise, perhaps, fears in connection with his work. Wrapping paper verbildlicht the wish for festivities. Paper can symbolise new impressions and thoughts or lacking experience of life, above all if it knows and is blank.


The paper should be seen in the dream always with the purpose for which it is used. In general it is a symbol for dependence, adaptability and the wish and the endeavours after orientation. Empty writing paper in the dream is a tip to missing communication or to the need for communication. On the other hand, it can also show a new beginning. Who describes it in the dream or paints, to that would like to advise the unconscious to work off, finally, unfinished. If one tears the paper, one would probably like to have nothing more to do with a certain matter in the awake life. One pays attention to what stands written on the paper to indicate from it more. Wrapping paper emphasises the practical dispositions of the dreaming.



At the spiritual level paper refers in the dream to a growth potential by learning and creativity.



  • see printing paper in masses: you get with officials to act,
  • see single: you will have Scherereien,
  • see flying in the air: deceived hopes,
  • see making: you apply your knowledge useful,
  • the white: your innocence comes to the day,
  • the coloured: good news,
  • the coloured: happy news of good friends,
  • pink-coloured: secret love begins,
  • the black: sad news, – grief and death,
  • empties: an important document will soon suddenly play a big role,
  • see the printed: Trust and honour is given you,
  • see the painted: you will find out a deception,
  • see the described: Pursuit,
  • call or paint: if you do not apply in future your time better, you will suffer sensitive disadvantage, – quite a personal matter will strongly occupy internally,
  • on one write: you will have to write disagreeable letters, – also: one fear to a person important information to hand over,
  • see describing to himself one: you have grief and worries and search a friend,
  • print: one will do much unnecessary and insignificant correspondence,
  • print: many people know around your luck and you have envious person,
  • crush, crumple up: Annoyance and frustration by superiors,
  • smooth: affectionate love is answered,
  • tore: disputable matters will annoy you, – you will lose your right, – one is not in the right and has provoked by own guilt disagreements, – care with civil disputs,
  • tear: you will get in rage, – one will solve an existing friendship intentionally,
  • cut: Marriage separation,
  • lift: you make an unexpected luck,
  • kiss: Longing for a dear person have.

(European ones).:

  • the execution of floating matters becomes absolutely necessary,
  • deal with paper or greaseproof paper: there threaten losses, – these can be connected with a court process,
  • cut: meant a separation or resolution,
  • the empty, white: tells a process in, – an important document will soon play a role,
  • blotchy and dirtily: own questionable actions will fall back on one,
  • describe or paint: a matter will occupy internally very much,
  • others see describing: a foreign matter will occupy one very much,
  • see the described or printed: means that somebody will mistrust you, – means much unnecessary or insignificant correspondence,
  • the folded: stands for lighter disappointments,
  • tear or burn: with a thing one will bring short action, – or to do a reminder, it,
  • paper roles see: tells a protracted process in, – with white paper one will win him, with other colour he gets lost,
  • government stocks and shares: warn about monetary speculations,
  • paper factory: One will retrieve the lost,
  • with a young woman stands paper or greaseproof paper for quarrel with her lover, – moreover, she fears the opinion of friends.
  • married must watch out for differences of opinion within the family.


  • see: you will have the trust of your boss,
  • the black: you will receive a sad news,
  • the white: one would like to pull you to rate,
  • the red: do not pay attention to the neighbours and their silly gossip,
  • write on it: one wants to accuse you,
  • tear: you will lose a certain right.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Paper

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