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Meaning of dream Pantry :

dream pantryThe pantry is a storehouse for food and symbolises in the dream, hence, as a rule Fürsorglichkeit. Up to a certain degree the interpretation of the dream depends of the fact which food is stored in the pantry. However, also matters which typical stocks are absent in the pantry.


Today most people have no more pantry, hence, this vision is often substituted with the fridge or the deep freezer. All these objects refer to the fact that it is important to make things long-lasting and to camp down. With these ‘things’ it can concern energy, resources or power.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Pantry


At the spiritual level a pantry refers in the dream to presents or talents.



  • see empty: dangerous incidents, – also: thin times for the household, – also: you have parasite with yourself,
  • see full: Abundance have, – you have pleased days before yourself.

(European ones).:

  • see: Luck and unconcerned times approach, – monetary profits stand in the house.
  • openly and blank: Disappointments,
  • close without key: an open behaviour and untouchable action manner is to be advised you, because confidential things would bring to you little luck,
  • are in one: if is no good omen, – one will succeed up to a certain point, nevertheless, obstacles shall be overcome over and over again.


  • you will experience pleased days.

Pantry - dream interpretation and meaning
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