dream palmA palm in the dream stands in connection with rest and rest. Earlier palms were associated with honour and victory, but are possible since holiday travelling in distant countries for the masses, this symbolic meaning has got lost. Palm mostly embodies the female need for an emphatically male sexual partner, sometimes also the wish for Tröstung. If she is in the room, one will experience a disappointment.


Their branches are signs of the peace which should promise even child blessing to Artemidoros. If one sees himself climbing a palm, something drives mad us in the awake life. Otherwise she circumscribes in our widths also sometimes the longing for sunny distance. The palm can be in the dream also a tip that the dreaming other people falls tiresomely or however that a certain person annoys him and consequently he should rather keep away from her.



At the spiritual level the palm in the dream means blessing, goodness, victory, rise, rebirth and immortality. The palm branches indicate resurrection beyond the suffering and the death.



  • see: Premeaning of wealth and a lot of luck without own close which he should use, however, because this is limited only timewise, – also: Inheritance or a generous present receive,
  • palm tree: happy, affectionate time, it is of use,
  • palm sheets: one wants to do something good to you and give,
  • to you pleasure

  • Palmenöl: you have a protection against your enemies,
  • palm donkey: you are laughed and mocked,
  • palm whisk: you are too superficial, this brings you damage,
  • palm wood: one covers you with salutes,
  • palm kitten: the grief dwindles and a glad time begins for you.


  • a good omen: It prophesies an inheritance or a big present. A miraculous time lies before you, without you need to do for it something. The picture recommends to use this time – also with relish one can develop.

(European ones).:

  • is always to be understood as a sexual symbol which is stressed particularly the male strength and is dreamt a lot of women, – also: with the new ideas which can improve business position,
  • many see: Wealth and abundance, success, joy and prosperity, maybe also a voyage, – heralds of promising situations and luck of a higher kind,
  • see one outside: if means the fulfilment of a long preserved wish,
  • see an indoor palm: one will be very discontented with the development of a matter,
  • a young woman a palm avenue goes down, this is an omen for a happy home and a loyal husband. If the palms have wilted, an unexpected sad event will shake her usual cheerfulness.


  • see: you have comforter,
  • palm tree: one will distinguish you in society,
  • palm wood: sure trend of affairs.

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