dream painter

  • see: nice work, however, little salary, – also: Luck with the other gender,
  • see working: your judgment without understanding brings you in a disagreeable situation,
  • watch at the work: under good living conditions one will reach an old age,
  • be: do not venture on difficult things,
  • see themselves as such: one will soon get involved in a dear affair,
  • are painted by one: an old connection possibly revives again.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the longing or hope for a new, other life, the wish for conversion, the planning of changes in erotic regard, – luck for all areas of life by view,
  • see one: one has a lot of luck with the other gender and wishes a change in the life,
  • or painter at the work see: if luck promises generally and promises an old age.


  • see: you will see an astonishing picture,
  • be: you love the beauty.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Painter

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