dream packAssociation: – Travel preparation, – sort or stow away from old thoughts and images. Question: – What would like I to take and what zurücklasen?

In general:

If the dreaming packs the suitcases in his dream as if he went on travelling, he emphasises that he must prepare his next life phase carefully. In the dream manifests itself the wish to go away from old images and difficulties. If the dreaming wraps up a certain object very carefully, this shows that he has become dear to him after the purely material. To stacks (for example, suitcase) announces a change in the life, maybe a trip or separation.



The dreaming must create order in his life. If he dreams of the stack, this refers to a choice process which he must carry out to decide what is important to him and what not. It is important what one packs in the dream, – only from it one can draw conclusions on a change to the good or bad. In any case, changes approach with the stack in the awake life.


At this level means to stacks in the dream that the dreaming selects which spiritual information matters, and that he must decide on which of them he wants to keep.



  • something: moderate trend of affairs,
  • clothes pack: close mind before friends, – also: you plan an urgent trip,
  • clear off with of his things see: One will have to appear to changes in his present life which can hang together, however, also with an internal conversion or loose solution. Mostly heavy worries are connected with it.

(European ones).:

  • own things pack: points to a life change which hang together with many worries, internal conversions or a loose solution.
  • pack for a trip: one will have to stay at home because of business worries,
  • foreign things: if nuisances or discords let by others expect,
  • see somebody with the stack: if tells visit from outwards in.


  • his things: you will go on an astonishing trip.

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