dream nymphNymphs are the embodiment of the universal female productiveness. They have an innocent, carefree energy which is naive and clear. They are normally guardians of holy areas, like woods, mountains and lakes. Hence, in the dream they stand in connection with the feel of a woman for beauty and her own femininity. One interprets nymph often as a wish for an erotic adventure.


The nymph circumscribes the natural attachment and vitality of the dreaming as an archetypal concept. Nymphs are related princesses. They show the carefree amusing aspect of the energy, the movement and light enjoys to the full. The nymph in the dream gives to the dreaming the possibility to establish communication with cleanness and charm. She is a natural mind who lives in trees, springs or in the water, her male counterpart is a small natural goblin which we know under the name Pan. In the classical antiquity the nymph was a symbol for imperishable vitality. Only in the Christianity the nymph with the mermaid was put on a step and got a negative meaning. However, in the dream the classical, as well as later symbolism can be meant. The exact meaning arises from the dream action. But who dreams nowadays of the antique natural divinities, is probably assessed rather romantically. Only seldom the nymphomania, the nymphomania, is demanded in women’s dreams with it.



Nymphs are earth spirits who handle with pure energy. Their charm is determined by her youthfulness and her beauty. At the spiritual level they embody many female qualities in the pure state.



  • see in the water: you cannot resist a temptation,
  • see dancing: you make other jealously,
  • see disappearing: one breaks and disturbs your love.

(European ones).:

  • see: you will fall in love, – a nice love affair promises, – sensuous temptations expect to one,
  • in clear water: prophesy that passionate wishes are soon fulfilled, – cheerful entertainment will please to one,
  • see beyond her element: one is disappointed by the world,
  • see fleeing: your love is not answered,
  • see dancing: Frustration between you and him or the lovers,
  • by such be surrounded: one gets in doubt whom of two people one loves more or whom one should give his love,
  • see flee or disappearing if one reaches for them: if means a sad love affair,
  • Seeing a young woman bathe a nymph, then she will enjoy big favour and joy which will not move, however, within proper borders. If she herself shows a nymph, this is a sign for the fact that she uses her attraction for egoistic purposes and therefore for the damage of men.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Nymph

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