It is time for change, the dream of the nun is a clear indication that it is time to step out of your ‘comfort zone’.

The dream indicates that you need to change the direction of your life, but you must keep the promises you have made. It also indicates that your earnings or money and material possessions may be interfering with your spirituality, your sense of morality.
It can also be a harbinger of a peaceful and happy life.


Dreaming of Nun

To be a nun

A dream in which you are a nun can have several meanings. If you are a woman, it means that you are unhappy with your current life situation and the environment in which you live. It is possible that some problem at work or in your relationship has taken away your peace of mind. The dreamer reveals that you have been trying to escape from yourself and your everyday problems. At the same time you are struggling against adversity and seeking security and peace of mind.

If you had this dream and you are a man, materialism will become more important in your life and overshadow spiritual matters. The dreamer’s advice is to be wise and ensure that pleasures do not interfere with your spirituality.

The dream may also indicate frustration and conflict in your waking life.

Seeing a nun

Change is necessary because life does not stand still.

Surely the most important thing that needs attention is to understand what you can do with your life.

A dream in which a nun appears also means purity and obedience. Perhaps you need to change your behaviour?
If you saw or spoke to a nun in your dream, it is a warning that you may be betrayed by someone close to you.


Singing nun

A dream in which you hear nuns singing is very positive and indicates that your life is entering a good phase, with many changes on the way. Enjoy this moment.

The dream means that you will feel very happy about an event. It is possible that you will soon receive very good news. You are more confident in your achievements at the moment and this will make you stand out.

You are aware that your behaviour is not always appropriate, so be careful as it could be detrimental to you and others.

The dreamer also notes that you value honesty in others, especially in the person with whom you share your life.

A praying nun

If a nun was praying in your dream, it means that you should listen more to the opinions of people who are trying to help you and whom you really trust. For example, listen to what your parents have to say.
The dream suggests that you need to look at your attitudes. Perhaps it’s time to draw closer to God, to admit when you’ve made a mistake, to make amends.
The dream also indicates that you are full of inner conflicts and need to resolve them as soon as possible.

Evil nun

If you dream of a wicked nun, it means that your attitudes and decisions are causing harm to others. You must strive to become a better person.

The dream predicts an improvement in personal relationships and asks you to have more faith in yourself to achieve your goal. The meaning of the dream can be a call to find the right direction in your life.

The dream can also indicate unnecessary problems and arguments. If you are careful, you can take control of your personal or professional situation.
It is all up to you now.


A possessed nun

If you dreamt of a possessed nun, know that she represents the way others perceive you: as someone who has lost control.

You may have had a fight with someone important to you, you may have overreacted, you may have said something you shouldn’t have. The dreamer advises you to concentrate on correcting your behaviour as soon as possible, before you lose relationships that you consider important.

Being afraid of a nun

A dream in which you are afraid of a nun indicates that you have many possessions and opportunities at your disposal, but you must give them the importance they deserve and know how to use them properly.

In your relationship you are in complete control of the situation.
If you are single, the dream means that you are looking for someone to share your life with.

At this point you are fully aware of what is best for you, and technology can help you at this point, but you need to know how to use it wisely. You don’t need much to be happy, just enjoy what you have and let things flow at their own pace.

Famous nun

To dream of a nun who is close to you or well known indicates that financial issues may be interfering with your spirituality, so if you are thinking more about the material side of life than spirituality, it may be time to examine your values and try to balance both spheres of life.

Sick nun

A sick nun in your dream indicates that your relationship is not worth the effort and attention. Only open communication can be the key to a successful relationship.

If you are abroad, this is a good time to learn from your experiences and explore new places. Good relationships with bosses and people in authority will have a positive effect on your future. The Dreamer predicts a very good time for you.


Pregnant nun

If you dream of a pregnant nun, the dream predicts lust and fear. You probably have a guilty conscience or are with someone who brings nothing good into your life, or perhaps you are having an affair with someone who is in another relationship. You are making a very big mistake, and you may be responsible for it. Be careful because you are hurting others.

You may have a bad attitude towards someone or something – and that’s a big mistake. It’s time to change, to understand the mistakes and to look for better options. It’s time for you to speak out. You need to start speaking your own mind and not just saying what others want to hear.

Dead nun

The dream advises you to think about what is not working as it should in your life and then look for the best alternative.

A dream of a dead nun is also associated with the unfaithfulness of loved ones who are important to you. It indicates that you will be exposed to unpleasant situations. It also reveals the coming of changes that will have a profound effect on you.
The dreamer warns that someone – not necessarily your partner – may cheat on you. Try to distance yourself from this person.

Nun in a convent

The dreamer recommends that you become more involved, because your freedom is being violated. It is time to react and take action.

Sometimes the people around you may want to hold you back or even persuade you of their opinion. You need to be careful who you trust or believe.
The meaning of the dream is that your dreams will come true if you believe in them.

A nun in a church

To dream of a nun in a church means that you will go through changes that should affect your life, but you will have to work on yourself. Your sexual status may be questioned because you will want to experiment.
This dream also indicates that you will find the right direction in your life.

Nun on the street

If you dream of a nun in the street, it is a sign of practical, external changes that could significantly affect your life. You will receive a lot of news that could trigger many new experiences for you. Be open and ready to make the most of them.


A dream of a nun in the street means that you will be taking new paths, having new experiences and sensations. This can be a good opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to enjoy yourself, to invest in yourself and to be open to improvement.

A nun near you

If you have dreamed of a nun living near you, you must fulfil your promise. Many changes can happen gradually in your life and you need to be prepared for them, whether they are professional or personal.

Many nuns

If you dreamt of many nuns, it means that a change is needed in your life. Although it is difficult for you to accept and adapt to change, the dreamer assures you that without it you will miss opportunities and challenges in life.

This dream also indicates that you have a bad attitude and need to change it as soon as possible, as you may be hurting some people emotionally.
You should also resolve any unresolved issues, otherwise they will begin to have a bad effect on you. Enjoy the good times with your loved ones.

The meaning of the dream is clear: change is necessary and the most important thing is to look at yourself.

Nun and priest

The dream indicates a longing for family. Perhaps it’s time to start your own or work on improving your relationship? The dream urges you to correct past mistakes.

You always need to solve problems on the spot. You should also channel your energy into activities that are more productive and rewarding.

The habit of the nun

The meaning of this dream is that you are losing interest in some relationship or problem. In the area of friendships, you are very submissive and need to get rid of negative energy.


A nun in a black habit

The dreamer believes that it is time to stop doing what makes you feel bad, get out of the house and live more fully.

This dream is closely related to your behaviour of ignoring others.

It is important to talk to these people, explain your point of view and the motives for your behaviour and try to resolve the situation, and also to listen to what the other person has to say.

A nun in a white habit

A nun dressed in white brings a clear sign of peace, which requires you to have the right attitude.

A dream of a nun in white robes means that changes are about to take place in your life. You should also take care of your health.

The dreamer realises that it is time to take action and look at life in a more positive way. You will soon be happy because of the actions you have taken in the past.

Nun in blue habit

A dream of a nun in blue robes signifies moments of happiness and joy for you and your loved ones. It is usually a good omen for starting new projects.

It is also a sign that you need to find the right direction in your life and make the right choices to find yourself. Today you see things much more clearly because you no longer care what others think of you and your actions. Your past has made you stronger and you have benefited from those lessons.


The dream is a harbinger of a peaceful and happy life and is associated with the positive energy of a new beginning.

Dream Meaning: Nun

  • To be a nun – beware of conflicts
  • To see a nun – reflect on yourself
  • A singing nun – many changes are coming
  • A praying nun – listen to the opinions of people you trust
  • An angry nun – you are hurting others
  • Possessed nun – reflect on your behaviour
  • Anxious nun – enjoy what is and seize opportunities
  • Famous nun – find balance
  • Sick nun – ensure good communication with others
  • Pregnant nun – admit you were wrong
  • Dead nun – someone may be cheating on you
  • Nun in convent – your dreams will come true if you believe in them
  • Nun in church – you will find the right direction in your life
  • Nun in the street – you will find new paths
  • Nun near you – you must fulfil what you have promised
  • Many nuns – a change in your life is needed
  • Nun and priest – solve problems on the spot
  • Nun in habit – you are losing interest in a relationship or problem
  • Nun in black habit – don’t ignore others

Mystic Dreamer – Nun

If you see a nun in your dream, it is a signal from your subconscious that you should not try to pass yourself off as a saint when you wake up, as this will certainly not end well for you.

The meaning of the dream nun

A young nun in your dream is a sign that your dreams will not come true.

An old nun is a warning from your subconscious to learn from your mistakes for the future.

A singing nun is a sign of happiness in marriage.

If you dream that you are a nun, it is a sign of marital and family happiness.

If you dream that you are dealing with a nun, it means that a significant change is about to take place in your life.

Talking to a nun is a sign that you will receive a very attractive job offer.


dream nunAssociation: – Retreat, – spiritual life. Question: – Which part of me must withdraw from the demands of the life?


Similar meaning like monk (see there), only with female portent. Who dreams of nuns, no saint must still be long. On the contrary: If men dream of nuns, mostly dark emotions militate against themselves in the depths of her instinctual life and emotional life. What the dreamer probably lacks, is the courage to the self-knowledge. But in the long run veiling (nuns will carry not be possible for veil) of different unaware emotions any more. In general she symbolises the spiritual experiences which one should use.



  • see: lonely and desolately must live, – protects you from falseness,
  • see in white: Announcement of a death,
  • meet: Restlessness and lovesickness,
  • with her talk: you will not hold your vow, – faithlessness of the lovers,
  • hear singing: devout feelings and moods will inspire you, – also: Grief and heartbreak,
  • see praying: the worries soon pass, a mighty friend stands on your side,
  • initiate: give up your hope,
  • be: an unforeseen event approaches which will entail substantial damage in the informal area.

(European ones).:

  • warns about sanctimoniousness, also announces a change of own relations, – care before exaggerations!
  • see one: Warning before the sanctimony more different,
  • operate with one: if a change of the present relations,
  • means a change of job or in general

  • is themselves nun or become: meant a happy marriage or better, happy-go-luckier times, – cheering tip to the coming improvement, – promises in particular a happy marriage or family life,
  • a dead nun: points to desperation about infidelity of the loves as well as lost property,
  • for a religious man: material comfort will come into conflict with his faith, – he should well keep under control,
  • Seeing a Mrs. Nonnen, is forecast her Witwenschaft or the separation by the lover. If she herself is a nun, discontent with her present surroundings will appear.
  • If a woman the orders leaves, her longing for earthly joys will come into conflict with her elective duties.


  • you can calculate on the fact that in the next time everything will make amends at your home,
  • see or speak: you will change your state,
  • hear singing: you can find no heart rest,
  • become: you will remain unmarried.

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