dream nightingaleNightingale hear see or singing luck promises in the love and marriage, as well as wiedergewonnener health. If she sits in the cage, one is warned about a cunning, or announces serious check and restrictions. One admires nightingales for her song. Has one boasted ‘chanted’ i.e. at wrong place or has talked? And vice versa: Is one beguiled by the words of another person?


She also rises in the dream upwards and sings her song what one translates since the antiquity with the splendid mood which will spread in the awake life. Sometimes she announces good news. If it is closed in a cage (see there), our feelings on the zero have arrived.



The nightingale means the same like the swallow, only in lower measure, – then she is less trusting. She stands for belletrists, musicians and people with voice full of sound.



  • The nightingale indicates a pleasant message because her song is welfare-sounding.
  • Dreaming one, he holds a nightingale or encloses them in a birdcage, he will find a desired farm-hand or a maiden and take pleasure of their friendly words.
  • hear see or singing: happy times experience, – luck and joy in the marriage, – also: if unforgettable, deep love announces, – experience a wonderful time if one sets no condition to his destiny,
  • see catching themselves one: Joy,
  • see catch or catching: one will put on to you chains,
  • see hatching: you exert a strong influence on your next surroundings.


  • The nightingale or even her song is a messenger of unforgettable love. The dreaming will experience a miraculous time, provided, he gets involved unconditionally in the love. Exactly this wants to suggest this dream symbol also to him and recommend.

(European ones).:

  • brings joy and luck, consolation in the suffering and promises the desired, to all the loyalty know how to appreciate and to hold,
  • see outside: if luck means in the marriage, particularly in the love,
  • hear singing: one is loved secretly very much, – meant for the ill recovery, – good omen for professional life,
  • to the marvellous song listen in: may hope for a pleasant life in prosperity and health, – an especially nice dream for young parents in love,
  • silently remaining: there possibly comes to smaller misunderstandings among friends,
  • close in a cage: one has unfair intentions,
  • see in a cage: Warning before unfair intentions more different, – a person in the surroundings would like to control to one.


  • hear singing: Luck and joy in the marriage,
  • catch: your bridal state will be very happy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Nightingale

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