dream neighbourAssociation: – Common characteristic. Question: – What is close to me? What do I like or I fear in myself?

In general:

One understands neighbour (n) traditionally as a warning before strife, – this is able, however, must not refer really to the neighbours. Here the unconscious wants to signal quite warning to be careful with a choice of his friends.



Symbolic shape for sense of responsibility and sympathy compared with others. A neighbouring shape in the dream sometimes also personifies own traits and behaviour patterns which are not aware though completely, but relatively.



  • see: Care, disingenuous people could spread untruthfulness about one, – a bad quarrel can possibly be the result, – Clap-purely will annoy you,
  • meet: one spies on you,
  • speak: you get by with all people well,
  • with one argue: among friends rules discord and envy.

(European ones).:

  • always let suppose a danger, which is why one should be very careful in the choice of his friends,
  • see one or meet: the peace threatens to be disturbed by quarrel and gossip,
  • with them speak: Quarrel and quarrel, – points to disagreeable discussions.


  • gives up the faith that the people mean it well.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Neighbour

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