dream navigationA ship trip is another symbol for the whole life of the dreaming if he works on the ship. His rank – he is a captain or an easy sailor – registers how far the dreaming believes to be able to determine even about his life. The state of the ship indicates how contented he is with his existence. Storms indicate dangers and difficulties. All details should be interpreted in this sense.


It dreamt one, he goes on the article of a tripod over the high sea. He was accused of political offences, was condemned and exiled on an island, – then the device, him dahintrug, was washed around all around by water and resembled the appearance after an island.




  • undertake: you venture too much.

(European ones).:

  • brings luck.
  • on go more stormily: if mean dangers and difficulties which one himself has not caused
  • on go more quietly: Comfort of all kind, luck and success in the business, – it is a happy destination by view


  • make: Desire and love,
  • make sea voyage: you will get to know foreign countries.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Navigation

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