A dream about nudity is related to the way you perceive yourself. Nudity carries in the dream the idea of vulnerability, the removal of masks, costumes, and protection.

Dreambook nudity

Represents the truth in its most basic and pure form, the acceptance of oneself as a complete and perfect person in its imperfections and limitations.


The meaning of the dream largely depends on the context. You may feel open to criticism or embarrassed in front of someone.

To see someone naked

A dream that you saw someone naked indicates your anxiety about that person. If it was someone you know it means that it is time to pay more attention to your relationship with this person, give him more time and attention: talk to him, help him if he is going through a difficult time in his life, and show interest in him.

If the dream involved a stranger, it signifies insecurity and social yearnings. Maybe you feel that shyness and introversion prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest. Allow yourself to live the life you want.

Seeing other naked people in your dream knows that something very serious will come to the forefront of your worries, but soon everything will be successfully resolved.

To be naked

If you were naked in a dream, luck will smile on you, and you will not lack money.

If the naked person in your dream was yourself and you felt comfortable it means that you are on the right path to self-acceptance. It’s time to look in the mirror and be content with what you see, who you are. It also means that you are real and honest, with no issues weighing on your conscience or secrets to hide.


If, on the other hand, you were uncomfortable with your nakedness, it means that the secrets of the past are returning, and perhaps it’s time to let go of that burden, put the past behind you, and move on.

If your reaction to nakedness was indifference, it is a sign of overcoming difficulties and problems in your life. Financial problems that gave you a headache, health problems that took away your hope, problems in relationships – all these will finally end.

If you dream that you are naked and someone else is looking at you, it means that you are leaving behind everything that hinders you, leaving the past behind and taking a new direction.

The dream can also mean that you are overcoming a difficult phase of life, such as going through a critical moment, and everything is going in the right direction.

To be naked at home

Dreambook explains that these types of dreams are usually related to perceptions of comfort and security. You feel safe at home, a place where you can be yourself and do what you want. The dream also signifies that you are going through a good phase in your personal life, you are charged with good energy and positive thinking, which is given to people around you.

To be naked at a party

A dream that you were naked at a party and didn’t care shows that your social life is blooming. Meetings, invitations, and parties will occur frequently, and your friends and family will want to spend time and have fun with you.

If you were embarrassed in your dream, it means that it is time to evaluate the way you treat your friends and the way you are treated by them. The dream also indicates that it is a good time to meet new people and chances are that you will meet someone who will significantly affect your life. This person can direct you and help you in professional and personal matters.

To be naked on the street

If in your dreams you walked without clothes on the street, the meaning of the dream signals professional problems related to finances. Be careful about your attitude towards your co-workers and boss. Put pride aside and accept help in finalizing projects and achieving goals.


If you walked down the street naked is a sign that someone will come to your aid during a difficult time.

To be naked at work

If you have something to hide or made a mistake and did not admit it, the dream is a reflection of the weight of your consciousness. It also indicates that it is not a good time to make commitments that you know you will not be able to fulfill. Do little, but do it well – it’s better than doing many things inaccurately.

Dream meaning is also a sign of dissatisfaction with your career, or with your job. It may be time to acknowledge this dissatisfaction and take steps to be happier.

To be naked in school

A dream that you are naked in school indicates uncertainty about your own knowledge and skills. It means you need to value your own skills more and recognize achievements. It’s also time to stop comparing yourself with other people – appreciate what you’ve already done and be patient.

To be naked among people

A dream that you are naked among many people you know means that you are dealing with trust and interpersonal relationship issues. Communicate with the people you love and try to overcome these problems.

If there were many unknown people in your dream it means that your fear of something is preventing you from achieving your goals. Free yourself from this fear.

To be observed naked

A dream that many people are watching you and you are naked and feel ashamed is a sign that your fears about other people’s opinions cause you to put on costumes and masks to hide your opinions and features. Take off the masks and accept yourself.

If you didn’t mind being observed it is a sign that you are confident in your own actions and have no regrets about being who you are.


To be playing naked

A dream that you are playing naked means that you miss the security and lack of problems, the life you had as a child. Friendships were simpler and problems were minor. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t let that longing stop you from seeing all the good things that are in front of you or from enjoying the present.

To dance naked

If you danced naked in your dream, don’t blame yourself for something you did in the past, live in the present. However, if you are not joyful in your dream, you will experience great disappointment with someone you consider a great friend.

To strip naked

The dream that you are taking off your clothes means that you should be careful about how you behave around other people. It also indicates that it’s time to stop talking about other people’s lives and getting involved in helping them, just start thinking about yourself and asking others to help you.

Naked men

When you dream about naked men and were shocked by the dream or felt embarrassment, or distaste, it means that you are worried about something going on in your life and you should think well about the problem, that is, know the naked truth about what is bothering you. When you dream about a naked man, it means that you have some suspicions about the behavior of the person you are dreaming about, and in this case, you should be careful in your relationship with this person.

Someone known naked

A dream that you saw someone known in full nudity is a sign that you need to pay special attention to this person, especially if he or she is of the opposite sex. Do not rely too much on her, because she is trying to use her skills and knowledge to get something from you.

If you are a woman, Dreambook advises you to be alert and watch out for new acquaintances. If you are a man, the dream foretells receiving a gift, something you have been waiting for a long time.

Naked child

A child in a dream signifies purity and innocence, but also uncertainty and fragility, dependence on others, the beginning of something.

In the dream, most often you are the child. Depending on what you feel and do, the meaning of the dream relates to your situation in waking life.


You may be at a stage in your life where you feel unprotected, insecure and need to find support in people who are by your side. Maybe you are at the beginning of a new stage of life and are looking for a new path.

Summary : dream meaning of nakedness

  • To see someone naked – devote more time to the person seen in the dream.
  • To be naked – happiness will smile on you
  • To be naked at home – you are going through an asset phase in your personal life
  • To be naked at a party – your social life is blooming
  • To be naked on the street – someone will come to your aid in difficult times
  • To be naked at work – it’s not a good time to make commitments
  • To be naked at school – appreciate yourself more
  • To be naked among people – your fear prevents you from achieving your goals
  • To be observed naked – you put on costumes and masks to hide your opinions and traits
  • To be playing naked – you miss the security and life you had as a child
  • To dance naked – live in the present
  • To strip naked – start thinking about yourself
  • Naked man – you are worried about something, something is bothering you
  • Someone known naked – pay special attention to this person
  • Naked child – you are looking for a new path in life

In general, this symbol can mean that there is some turmoil inside you or you are struggling with some spiritual suffering.

  • When you see naked small children in your dream, it means that you will soon enjoy pure happiness.
  • If you see naked people, it is a sign that you will miss worries.
  • When you dream that you see a beautiful naked person of the opposite sex, it is a sign that your secret but intense longing will finally be satisfied and it will give you a sense of great relief.
  • When you see a naked ugly person of the opposite sex in your dream, it means that some kind of love-making will become the cause of your disgrace and people around you will mock you.
  • When you were frightened in your dream, seeing a naked person suddenly, it foreshadows the great horror you will soon experience in waking life.
  • Talking to someone naked foreshadows for you unspecified pending honors.
  • If you dream that you are walking naked, it means that soon your financial situation will significantly deteriorate and you may even fall into real poverty.
  • Swimming naked means that you will soon break some prohibition and the consequences will be very unpleasant for you.
  • Running naked is a warning from your subconscious that one of your relatives is trying to take advantage of you financially.
  • If you dream that you hide your nakedness, it means that in waking life you have a great many complexes, over which you can not get over and accept yourself as you are.
  • When you dream that you are standing naked in front of other people, it is a signal that in waking life you are trying to hide something from the eyes of others, because you are ashamed of it.
  • If you show your nakedness in a dream, it is a sign that you fully accept yourself and feel perfectly comfortable being yourself, and even want to be the center of attention and make a lot of effort to do so.
  • When you see a naked person in your dream, it means that you will succeed in some business or – that you miss someone you love.
  • A naked friend appearing in your dream heralds an argument in your immediate environment.

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