dream myrtleMyrtle (often as a wreath) can symbolise the wish for marriage and family or an existing happy and full partnership.


The myrtle tree symbolises like the box the house slaves.




    he will attain

  • Seeming it to an arm in the dream as if he completely strews against his habit sheets of the myrtle, from rosemary or from laurel in his house from distinguished men wealth, – however, this looks a powerful figure with whom such strewing is already usual, it means to him misery.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he has myrtle branches, he will operate with a not befitting social standing woman, – the branches have roots, he will testify with her children if not, no children place in the world, – the dreaming is an easy man, has the face concerning woman and child the same meaning.
  • myrtle tree: you will win the hearts of the people,
  • myrtle shrub: big luck in the house have,
  • blossoming ones see: indicates with unmarried at a quick and happy married state, – you will experience glad hours,
  • myrtle blossom in the hair: you expect a love affair,
  • myrtle branch: you should pass the first hand to the reconciliation,
  • silver ones: Success,
  • golden ones: Honour,
  • myrtle crown: your wedding is close.

(European ones).:

  • dear luck, wedding and child baptism,
  • with sheets and blossoms: Wishes will come true and one will feel internal joy,
  • Dreaming a young woman to carry a myrtle branch then her one early marriage with a well-to-do and intelligent man is predicted. If he has wilted, you remain because of her negligent behaviour the luck refused.


  • myrtle tree: you will long for esteem and for love of your woman.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Myrtle

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