Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

dream musical instrumentsMusic instruments stand in the dream often on the communicative abilities of the person. Wind instruments refer to the intellect, percussion instruments, however, on the basic rhythm of the life.


Have often sexual meaning. Stringed instruments are female (the players with the curve of course manly!) to interpret wind instruments manly. The experiences in the dream can reach from the crude sexual act up to the spiritual-erotic. The music instruments can sometimes refer even in the dream also to sexual organs and hence, on the setting of the dreaming to his sexuality.



At the spiritual level music instruments stand in the dream for the kind of the dreaming how he expresses himself.


(European ones).:

  • point to anticipated pleasure,
  • broken ones: the pleasure is clouded by joyless society,
  • to young women the strength is prophesied to live her life according to own images.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Musical Instruments

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