Dreaming about mushrooms signifies unhealthy pleasures and reckless decisions. It suggests that you tend to make last-minute decisions, which leads to problems.

Often dreams about mushrooms have an erotic meaning. They also refer to your friendships and relationships with others.


Dreambook mushrooms

Pay attention to the type of mushrooms, which will help you better understand the dream’s meaning.

Growing mushrooms

If you see a mushroom getting bigger and bigger fast in your dream, the dream shows the progress of changes in your life. Pay attention to the type of mushroom and its condition to see if the dream’s meaning is positive or negative.

Mushrooms in the forest

If you see a forest where mushrooms grow in your dream, pleasant events await you.

If there are other mushroom pickers in the forest, Dreambook advises you to be content with what you have, not to seek more profit, and not to enter into any arrangements or partnerships. If you see a lot of mushrooms growing in groups, it foreshadows financial success.

The dream can also mean the success of your plans.

To sow mushrooms

If in a dream, you sow mushrooms without the intention of eating them, it means that your actions or acquaintances will end up in a harmful situation or a toxic relationship. Be careful about what you say and what you do.


To collect mushrooms

The dream meaning suggests that you have a strong desire to get the rewards as fast as possible. However, be careful not to create unfavorable situations.

Other dream meanings may symbolize your loneliness or search for happiness.

To collect ceps

Expect positive changes. Good news will improve your mood and give you optimism. Perhaps you will receive a message you have been waiting for a long time, or maybe you will achieve a desired goal.

To receive mushrooms

If you get mushrooms from others in a dream, the dreambook suggests that you have doubts about the intentions or efforts of these people. You feel that others may have made a mistake in their decision toward you. It may be an unfair punishment or reward.

Basket of mushrooms

If you dream about seeing a basket of mushrooms, you will soon have to prove your innocence and fight for your opinion. Be careful not to be taken advantage of by someone.

Washing and cleaning mushrooms

If you dream that you are washing and cleaning mushrooms, it means that even if you have made rash decisions, you will correct your mistakes. If trouble or problems arise, you will be able to get through them with success.

To eat mushrooms

A dream about eating mushrooms shows that you need to learn how to overcome difficult periods in life. Learn from your mistakes, and you will perform better in the future.

If you dream about carelessly eating mushrooms or filling your mouth with them, it could mean that you are not using your finances properly. Don’t waste what you have.


Eating mushrooms in a dream can also mean unhappy love.

To cook mushrooms

Cooking mushrooms in a dream means that you will be able to make excellent use of situations that come your way. It also means fulfillment in love and sex. The dream can also mean a lasting and happy family life.

Edible mushrooms

A dream in which you see or collect edible mushrooms may mean that you will meet an influential friend. This person can help you a lot in some difficult moments.

Poisonous mushrooms

A dream about a poisonous mushroom means that you can’t have peace of mind because there is a person close by who wants to do something bad.
If you eat poisonous mushrooms in your dream, it means that you are facing problems in waking life. The dreambook suggests unwise behavior, the accumulation of material goods unlawfully.

Sickness and mushrooms

If you dream that you are sick because of eating mushrooms, the dream means that you should be careful about other people. They may try to harm you. Be careful in business and in your personal life.

Dried mushrooms

If you eat dried mushrooms, the dream means that you feel sick and tired of monotonous life.
Dried mushrooms in a dream also represent wisdom, intelligence, and good luck.

Pickled mushrooms

Pickled mushrooms in a dream foretell a long life. Peace and stability await you. Everything should go your way.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms

The dream indicates that you want to escape from your current situation. You do not want to think about the bad things you have done. You need peace of mind. Running away will not solve the situation. Rest and make the right decisions.


A large mushroom

If you dreamed about a large mushroom, you will have access to finances or treasures you did not know about before. You may have some items that you consider valuable, but when you find a buyer for them, their price will surprise you.

A dream about a large mushroom indicates childhood memories. You miss those moments very dearly and want to go back in time to relive them again.

Green mushrooms

If you see green mushrooms in your dream, they mean a second chance. You may have made some bad decisions in the past, and now you may receive a second chance to do something again or improve it.

Cloud mushroom (atomic mushroom)

The dreambook suggests clarity in some situations or a need for sound decisions. You need to calm your emotions and decide after you have cooled down. This is only a temporary turmoil. Show patience.

Types of mushrooms:

Ceps (boletes)

Dreams in which ceps or boletes appear signify good health. This is a time when you will generally feel good, physically and mentally. The dreambook also suggests that good luck in love awaits you.


Chanterelles in a dream signify falsehood, deceit, and scheming behind your back. Beware of those with whom you work or live with. The dream can also mean an interesting journey, which will give you a lot of joy and allow you to expand your knowledge.


This is not a good time to show your feelings in public. Dreambook advises: calm your emotions. Confide and open up only to trusted people.


Appreciate true friends because, thanks to them, you will preserve your position or image. The dream’s meaning can also be read as a longing for the warmth of the family home or the desire to create your own home, a true asylum.



The dreambook warns: don’t look for a fight. If you are trying to spoil someone’s plans, it may turn against you.


The sight in a dream of boletes foretells surprises. You may be pleasantly surprised at the least expected moment.

Oyster mushrooms

The dream foretells bad emotions and warns you about people who can take advantage of you. Avoid those who like to gossip. Do not tell everyone everything you know so that you yourself do not become the cause of misunderstandings and disputes.

Dream meaning: mushrooms

  • Growing mushrooms – changes in your life are progressing
  • Mushrooms in the forest – pleasant events await you
  • Sow mushrooms – be careful what you say and what you do
  • Collect mushrooms – you are looking for happiness
  • To pick ceps – expect good news
  • Receive mushrooms – you suspect others of bad intentions
  • Basket with mushrooms – someone may want to take advantage of you
  • Washing and cleaning mushrooms – you will correct your mistakes
  • Eat mushrooms – learn from your mistakes, and don’t waste what you have
  • Cooking mushrooms – you will take advantage of situations that come your way
  • Edible mushrooms – you will meet an influential friend
  • Poisonous mushrooms – be careful and sensible
  • Sickness and mushrooms – watch out for other people in business and personal life
  • Dried mushrooms – you feel tired of monotonous life
  • Pickled mushrooms – everything should go your way
  • Hallucinogenic mushrooms – you want to escape from your current situation
  • A large mushroom – you would like to return to your childhood days
  • Green mushrooms – you will receive a second chance
  • Cloud mushroom (atomic mushroom) – confusion can cause unwise decisions
  • Porcini (boletes) – you will enjoy good health
  • Chanterelles – an interesting journey awaits you
  • Champignons – confide only in trusted people
  • Chanterelles – appreciate true friends
  • Rings – do not look for a quarrel
  • Boletes – expect a kind surprise
  • Oyster mushrooms – avoid those who like to gossip

Mystic dreambook – mushroom

If this symbol appears in your dream, it may mean that in waking life, you are very attracted to someone, but you should not give in to this temptation, as it may not end well for you.

When you dream that you see a mushroom, it signals from your subconscious that you shouldn’t be too steward of your trust. You need to be careful who you put your trust in because people you wrongly consider to be your friends can contribute to your troubles.

If you dream that you see an edible mushroom, it means that you will soon make new social contacts with very influential people, even though at first you will not realize their power.

A poisonous mushroom means that in the near future, your enemy will succeed in leading you astray, and this will be largely the result of your carelessness.

If you dream that you are collecting mushrooms, it is a positive harbinger, foreshadowing that you will succeed in finding happiness, but for this to be possible, you need to find some secluded place where you will have peace and be able to finally be yourself.


Buying mushrooms signals that you need to take more care of your health, as you may be at risk of some problems in this matter.

Eating mushrooms foretells prosperity for you in the near and distant future.

When you dream that you have eaten a poisonous mushroom by mistake, it warns you of imminent danger, which you can avoid if you are careful.

If you dream that you are drying mushrooms, it signals that your plans are impossible to realize because you set the bar too high for yourself.

When you see dried mushrooms in your dream, it is a harbinger of a long journey ahead of you.

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