Muscle - dream meaning

Muscle drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Muscle :

dream muscleAssociation: – By virtue of, – strength. Question: – Concerning which aspects of my life am I ready to show more strength?



  • strong ones: you have secret wishes,
  • muscular strains have: Dear pains.

(European ones).:

  • well developed ones own: joyless confrontations threaten with enemies, – nevertheless, one succeeds in sitting down against her machinations to the weir and in making the luck,
  • developed weakly have: meant failure in the matters is preprogrammed,
  • this dream trouble and plague prophesies

    Dream interpretation and meaning : Muscle

  • of A woman.
  • muscular strain: An experience which dates back long still gives a hard time. Leave it limited behind you.

Muscle - dream interpretation and meaning
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