Mouse (Mice)

Dreaming about a mouse can symbolize a warning not to trust someone you know. Thus, your dream may be about lying or someone dishonest, warning you not to be naive or weak. Therefore, anyone who dreams about a mouse must pay attention to the people with whom they are associated. Does someone make you feel sad, anxious, or betrayed?

Dreambook mice

If you want to discover what it means to dream about a mouse, also evaluate your ability to organize, get rid of what you do not need, and find solutions to life’s various problems. Do not run away like a mouse, but overcome obstacles!


To see a mouse

Control your spending. You may be spending plenty, thus try to use your money responsibly and conscientiously. It’s a good idea to make a shopping list and put it aside for worse times.

Mice in the house

The dream foretells big changes in your life. They may cause a lot of confusion and the need to abandon habits or change plans. However, these will be beneficial changes for you.

Another dream meaning suggests receiving good news.

The dream may also depict your relations with your household members.

Large mice

The meaning of the dream about a large mouse may indicate finding a job or a more favorable earning offer. The dream also means an influx of more or extra money.

Small mice

The dream may signify a new beginning. Dreambook gives several meanings of this dream, so depending on your personal situation, the dream can mean a new job, new acquaintances, or the start of a new stage of life, such as in a relationship. It can also mean fatigue. It is also a warning against thieves.


Plenty of mice

Dreaming about a lot of mice is a good sign! It means that very good things will happen soon, positively changing your life.

According to the Dreambook, it’s a sign that some people are bothering you a lot in accomplishing your tasks, making you constantly nervous and stressed. Take advantage of this warning to cut yourself off from these people, and look for ways to calm down and take care of yourself.

Running mice

The dream about running mice reminds you to pay more attention to your health, which has been neglected by you for some time. Use this dream as a hint to make a doctor’s appointment, start eating and sleeping better, and exercise. It may also be high time to give up your addictions or start a diet.

Swimming mice

According to Dreambook, a dream about swimming mice indicates good luck. However, if the mice were chasing you, the dream means bad luck.

Mice in bed

Dreambook explains that your life has been very stressful and that you need to do something to change this situation. Make changes in your daily obligations, seek professional help, and take up a relaxing hobby to reduce stress.

Attacking mice (biting mice).

If you dreamed of a mouse attacking you or biting you pay special attention to people close to you. You may be betrayed, and if you see blood in your dream it means that you will make a mistake or someone will plot against you. It can be a warning about the falsity of someone seemingly harmless. Be reasonable in assessing the situation and do not ignore the signs.

Other feelings, such as guilt or jealousy, are also associated with dreams about mice. In the case of guilt, check whether it is a matter of forgiving yourself or trying to right the wrong you have done. Try to enjoy the victories of others, instead of wishing for what they have or hoping to lose it.

To look for a mouse

If in your dream you were strenuously looking for a mouse, you can expect some kind of opportunity, take advantage of it, and do not let it escape! The meaning of the dream also refers to the chance to review your life, sometimes we think that nothing can be done to improve it, but this is not true. The dream can mean that it is time to clean up, renew your spirit, let go of everything that does not contribute to development, and strive to be a better person.


The dream means that an opportunity will come that you have been waiting for a long time. Thus, take advantage of this sign and prepare for this opportunity.

To catch a mouse

Have you tried to catch a mouse in your dream? According to the Dreambook, it means that you need to focus on your real needs in life. And if you caught a mouse on the roof, attic, or floor, it symbolizes your desire to achieve your goal.

To kill mice (killed, dead mice).

If you kill a mouse, it means that in waking life you get rid of people who make your life difficult. If something bad happens, you will be able to overcome it. It is a sign that you will overcome all difficulties.

If you are just going to kill a mouse, it is because you want to evolve to understand other people who do not think like you.

If you killed a mouse, the dream meaning suggests that your enemy will be defeated.

A dead mouse in a dream is a sign that a certain stage of life is coming to an end. In other words, it is a new beginning that needs freedom, a break from the past, and an opening to the future.

Mouse droppings

Unexpectedly comes good news. The dream is a sign of happiness and stability in financial life.

According to the Dreambook, the dream means not only that your financial life will soon improve significantly, but also that your standard of living will change and you will be able to afford luxuries and do things you have always dreamed of.


Nest of mice

Dreambook warns against betraying a friend. The discovery of this fact will bring a lot of sadness into your life, but approach the situation sensibly and learn lessons for the future.

Mouse trap (mouse in a trap).

If in your dream you see a mouse trapped in a trap, it is a sign that you will soon overcome an intractable obstacle.

If the mouse manages to escape from the trap it means that there are people in your life who are very interested in harming you, abusing your good heart and willingness to help.

Mice and cats

The dream is a sign that your personal life will soon change a lot, the turning point may be, for example, the end of a relationship or an argument with friends. This will make you invest more in your social life, which will generate new friendships with different people.

Mice and rats

The dream may depict your fears, especially regarding health. Instead of fretting, go to the doctor, do some research, and address your concerns.

Rats are animals perceived as alert, clever, and this means that you will face and overcome the problems that are in front of you, no matter what they are.

Colors of mice

White mice

A dream about a white mouse is a sign that you need to pay more attention to the people in your life because not everyone wants good for you. Use this sign to analyze your relationships and friendships, trying to distance yourself from toxic people.

Gray mice

The meaning of the dream suggests that you will experience moments that will move you a lot and completely change your relationships with some people, especially family, and friends.


Black mice

You may unexpectedly become very disappointed with something. This event will significantly affect your plans and your well-being, so prepare well for this moment. You need to take a fast break from negative experiences. This is the only way to move forward. If you need someone’s help, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Brown mice

A dream about a brown mouse is an indication that you will soon have some problems, but they will not be as serious as you think, thus you will overcome them fast.

Summary : dream meaning: mice

  • To see a mouse – control your expenses
  • Mice in the house – you will receive good news
  • Large mice – you will earn more money
  • Small mice – you start something new
  • Plenty of mice – your life will change for the better
  • Running mice – take care of your health
  • Swimming mice – you will be lucky
  • Mice in bed – get your stress under control
  • Attacking mice (biting mice) – you may be betrayed
  • To look for mice – take advantage of every opportunity
  • To catch mice – you need to focus on your true needs in life
  • To kill mice (killed, dead mice) – you will overcome any difficulties
  • Mouse droppings – your financial life will improve significantly
  • Mouse nest – your friend will cause you sorrows
  • Mouse trap (mouse in a trap) – you will overcome a troublesome obstacle
  • Mice and cats – your personal life will change plenty
  • Mice and rats – abandon your fears, be rational
  • White mice – analyze your relationships and friendships, distance yourself from toxic people
  • Gray mice – your relationships with family and friends will change
  • Black mice – cut yourself off from negative experiences fast
  • Brown mice – you will overcome problems fast

Dream about mice

Dream about mice : in general, this symbol may mean that due to the actions of your enemies, your life will host a lot of anxiety in the near future. It may also herald deprivation and setbacks for you.

Mystic Dreambook : mice

  • If you see mice in your dream, it means that in waking life you are fed up with the gray reality that surrounds you.
  • If you see a lot of mice, it is a sign that you have made a bad selection of the person you are associated with and subconsciously realize it.
  • Running mice is a sign that your conscience is not completely clear.
  • When in a dream you see a mouse running away from a cat, it means that you will soon have some serious problems, but it is not clear which sphere of your life they may concern.
  • When you dream that you see white mice, it means that your marriage will be almost perfect.
  • Catching a mouse is a signal that in waking life you want to get rid of some problem that is plaguing you quickly and efficiently, but unfortunately, this is not possible.
  • A mouse in a trap means that in waking life you mismanage your time and have many problems because of it.
  • When you kill mice in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon succeed in defeating your enemy.

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